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Advanced Business Solutions for Key Industries

In addition to the traffic flow and incident data we deliver, INRIX also offers industry-specific analytics and applications for key vertical markets:


Partnering with automotive manufacturers, INRIX provides drivers with insights into the fastest routes, travel journey times and other daily commuter services that save time, money and reduces fuel consumption.

Mobile Enterprise

INRIX traffic data services, including accurate real-time and predictive information, provides mobile enterprise customers with personalized traffic reports and route advice. And our mobile application developer kit (MDK) and extensive set of APIs ensure you can deliver these enhancements in record time on any platform.

Public Sector

Department of Transportation agencies are under pressure to provide more complete data-powered solutions for measuring system performance, streamlining operations or delivering new and improved services. INRIX is uniquely positioned to meet these demands with real-time, predictive and historical traffic information, real-time incident and weather safety alerts.


Whether your company operates a field service, long-haul or local fleet, traffic congestion and fuel costs can significantly affect your ability to meet schedule, budget and customer expectations. INRIX can help the fastest fleet drive even better performance through improved planning or better day of service information.


Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobile phones for the latest news, weather, turn-by-turn navigation, and now traffic. Media broadcasters can deliver consumer benefits using high-quality, localized real-time INRIX traffic information, incident alerts and traffic forecasts.

Real Estate

Through real estate partnerships, we offer INRIX Drive Time which helps home buyers and real estate agents assess properties based on actual drive time to and from home and work based on traffic conditions.

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