INRIX Traffic App Available on Windows 8

Free App Helps Drivers Save Time, Fuel and Frustration Avoiding Traffic

Kirkland, WA—October 26, 2012—INRIX®, a leading international provider of traffic information and driver services, announced its free INRIX Traffic app is available on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system for tablets, PCs and Windows Phone.

Uniquely tuned to drivers’ routes, INRIX Traffic delivers up-to-the-minute insight into the latest traffic conditions and traffic forecasts for over a million miles of highways, city streets and other heavily travelled roads nationwide.

“Only Windows 8 provides INRIX Traffic users with the ability to plan their trips on their PC or tablet and then seamlessly access all of their favorite routes and travel times conveniently on the go from their Windows Phone,” said Jim Bak, Director of Community Relations.

INRIX Traffic on Windows 8 benefits include:

• Anytime, Anywhere access on a Tablet, PC or Windows Phone. INRIX Traffic is available in the Metro App store for Windows 8 starting today. The Windows 8 app lets drivers compare traffic conditions, travel and recommended departure times more simply in one view.

• Precision Traffic. INRIX provides drivers with up-to-the-minute insight in to traffic conditions on more than a million miles of highways, city streets and other heavily trafficked local roads. With real-time information accurate within two mph of actual traffic speeds(1), drivers can rely on INRIX’s network of hundreds of sources including a crowd-sourced community of approximately 100 million vehicles and devices help them be there on time for the important people and events in their lives.

• Traffic Forecasts. INRIX Traffic helps drivers plan ahead by showing how traffic conditions are expected to change up to eight hours ahead of their next trip. INRIX uniquely analyzes the impacts of sporting events, concerts, school schedules and weather to help drivers reliably avoid traffic congestion.

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(1)Source: I-95 Coalition Validation of INRIX Data: Two Year Summary Report, September 2010


INRIX® is one of the fastest growing big data technology companies in the world. The company leverages big data analytics to reduce the individual, economic and environmental toll of traffic congestion. Through cutting-edge data intelligence and predictive traffic technologies, INRIX helps leading automakers, fleets, governments and news organizations make it easier for drivers to navigate their world. Our vision is simple – to solve traffic, empower drivers, inform planning and enhance commerce.

Whether through an in-car or smartphone navigation application, a local newscast or our INRIX® Traffic app, our up-to-the-minute traffic information and other driver services reach more than 150 million drivers to help them save time, fuel and frustration. INRIX delivers traffic and driving-related insight, as well as sophisticated analytical tools and services across six industries covering nearly 4 million miles of road in 40 countries. For more information visit us at

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