It’s About Time…

by admin30. March 2012 00:00
Yes it is.  Time is the one thing that all of us get an equal amount of every day.  However, how that time is used varies wildly from person to person.  Whether it’s work, medical appointments, leisure and family time, gardening, sport, eating, traveling, socializing, or sitting in traffic, our time quickly diminishes with every activity.   Sometimes you control your time and sometimes you don’t.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say that most people probably prefer the former – controlling your time whenever possible.
As a working professional, I prefer to make the most of my time when I’m at work and performing my job. Likewise, as a family man, I like to take advantage of as much time as I can when I’m with my family or have the pleasure of attending one of my children’s events.  I also like to attend sporting events, concerts, and socialize with my friends at clubs and restaurants.   Many of these activities tend to either run into each other or overlap from a timing perspective, often causing me to leave one activity earlier than I’d like to or arriving late to another.  Which means I often have to make choices that I otherwise wouldn’t have to make or potentially miss out on something important to me and others.  And when factoring travel time, the last thing I want or need is to be caught off guard by unexpected traffic conditions.

It’s about time…to take more control when it comes to those in between moments (or hours) of dealing with traffic when you could be doing the things you need or want to do with those you love (or have) to spend time with.

It’s about time…there was something to help me make better decisions about when to leave, and where to drive so I can minimize my time on the road and maximize my time doing what I want to do.  There is.

INRIX Traffic has proven to be an invaluable app to help millions of drivers take control of their time by providing the very best in real-time traffic.  Taking into account current traffic conditions, police activity, events, construction, and accidents and covering every major highway, arterial road and secondary road with nearly 100 million sources of input in over 20 countries, the results you get are second to none.

It’s about time…to get INRIX Traffic.  It’s free and it will free up your time.

Drive Safe and Happy!

Geoff Walker

Director, Consumer Marketing, INRIX


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Oh Canada! You’ve Made INRIX Traffic the Nation’s #1 Traffic app.

by admin20. February 2012 00:00

Just a quick note on this Family Day holiday (Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan) to say thank you to all our Canadian INRIX Traffic members.  With your help, INRIX Traffic is now the nation’s #1 Traffic app and a Top 10 free “Navigation” application overall which includes Traffic, Local Search, and Turn-by-turn apps.

Here is a graph of INRIX Traffic’s rise in the Navigation app category in Canada:

INRIX Traffic’s rank with the “Navigation” apps category, including Traffic, Local Search and Turn-by-turn apps


Why the sudden success?

A few reasons.

On Jan 17th, we released version 3.6, our most robust and highest quality app ever.  This release is being very well received across Canada and across the globe.

In just 30 days, Canadians have given INRIX Traffic v3.6 a favorable 4-Star review with over 40 reviews in total.  Thank you.

Just a few of the reviews of INRIX Traffic version 3.6 from Canadians

As you may know, we are all in this community together.  The more people who use the app and join our community, the better the underlying traffic data becomes, which in turn helps us avoid it to save time and money.

Thank you Canada.



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Thanks for a great 2011! To celebrate we’re giving away $1000!

by admin17. January 2012 00:00

We want to thank you for your feedback, insight and enthusiasm over the past year.  Your input has pushed and inspired us to keep driving INRIX Traffic forward.   In appreciation of your support and to celebrate our best year yet we’re giving away $1000 to one lucky winner.

Reviews are important, they improve app visibility and downloads which means better traffic coverage for you and the rest of the INRIX Traffic community.   To be eligible for the prize simply review the app in your phone’s app store and follow the steps below to enter a drawing for a $1000.00 Visa giftcard.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Visit your respective app store (App Store, Windows Phone Marketplace, Android Market or BlackBerry App World) and review the latest version of INRIX Traffic.
  2. Send an email to with the app store of your choice and the name associated with your review.  Please include “Giveaway” in the subject line of the email.

We will be accepting entries through 9:00 am PST, Tuesday, January 31st.  Limit one entry per person.

Again thank you for a fantastic 2011 and we look forward to serving you in 2012.


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Beyond the App: iOS & Battery Life

by admin10. December 2011 00:00

Since we shipped our iOS 5 update (INRIX Traffic 3.5.1), many of you have alerted us that you’ve been experiencing increased battery drain.  While it would appear this would be the result of persistent use of the GPS in order to provide you with personalized traffic alerts based on your location, this is not the case.  Even though the Location Services icon (a small arrow in the status bar) appears in your status bar, we anticipated issues with battery drain and purposely developed this feature to use the iPhone’s cell-tower triangulation technology instead of the GPS.

The cause of the excessive battery drain problem is actually an iOS 5 issue some users are experiencing following their upgrade to the new operating system.  On November 2nd, Apple issued the following statement acknowledging the problem, “A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices. We have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.”

We have contacted Apple to get more information on when we can expect an iOS 5 software update and promise to keep you posted.  In the next week, we will be issuing our own update that takes further steps to help you in the interim.   Until then, you can find more information on how to address the battery drain issues your are experiencing with iOS 5  on Apple’s official support forums.

Thank you for your continued support and our sincerest wishes for safe, hassle-free travels this holiday season.

Melissa Korb

INRIX Community Manager


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INRIX Traffic 3.5.1: Best of both worlds: Real time traffic alerts and minimal battery drain

by admin9. December 2011 00:00

INRIX is working hard to provide our members with the best of both worlds: the ability to notify you of upcoming traffic influencing incidents, like accidents and police activity, while limiting the drain of your phone’s battery. The app does this by using Apple’s Location Services functionality that allows us to use cell tower triangulation, and NOT the battery-heavy GPS chip of your phone.

Let’s start with a shared understanding of the Location Services feature. Counter to common misperception, the Location Services icon in the status bar does NOT necessarily equate to the use of your GPS chip. The Location Services features uses a potential mix of Global Positioning System (GPS), Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation to determine your approximate location. Location Services allows all of your apps to provide you much more relevant content and answers. In some cases Location Services calls on GPS, for example when INRIX Traffic is open and in the foreground, so we can determine the exact road you are on, but at other times Location Services uses only cell tower triangulation, such as when INRIX Traffic is in the background monitoring for incidents on your behalf.

Screen shot of Apps using Location Services

To see all the apps that use Location Services, go to your iOS Settings app, then click on Location Services. A purple arrow icon next to the app will indicate that the app is currently using Location Services (even in background mode), while a gray arrow icon indicates that the app has used Location Services within the past 24 hours.

INRIX Traffic uses Location Services in 3 primary ways.

I.  INRIX Traffic open:

When the app is open, like other navigation apps, INRIX Traffic uses the highest granularity location services, which typically relies on the iPhone’s built-in GPS services.

II.  INRIX Traffic in background, alerts on, while driving:

When the app is in the background with traffic alerts on, the app may occasionally invoke your GPS chip. In our in-house test runs, we notice a typical battery drain from 100% to 96% percent over a 30 minute drive.

III. INRIX Traffic in background, alerts on, while stationary:

While you are stationary with the app in the background with traffic alerts on, Location Services rarely, if ever, directly invokes your GPS chip. In our testing, we have found battery drain to go from 100% to 97% percent over an 8 hour period.

While having the arrow in the status bar could be considered annoying, instead you should consider it reassurance that long as you see it there, INRIX is monitoring the road network around you and preparing to warn you before you find yourself hitting any major accidents or delays that would otherwise ruin your normal commute.

Happy and safe driving!


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Fix for 3.5 on iOS is on the way.

by admin3. December 2011 00:00

For those experiencing the ‘location services’ issue that continues to display the location services icon in the status bar at the top of your screen after disabling the new Traffic Alerts feature, the fix is on it’s way.  We’ve submitted an update to Apple for review.  Once approved, the update will be available in the App Store for download, hopefully sometime next week although it can sometimes take up to 10 days.

Thanks so much to those of you who brought this to our attention and helped us resolve it in a timely manner.  We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused and appreciate your patience.

We will be offering additional information regarding INRIX Traffic’s use of location services with the release of the update.

We welcome your questions and feedback.  Please email me at

Melissa Korb

INRIX Community Manager




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It’s Here! INRIX Traffic 3.5 with Live Traffic Alerts & Expanded Traffic Coverage

by admin26. November 2011 00:00

Launching today, INRIX Traffic 3.5 offers several new time-saving, traffic-busting features for our popular INRIX Traffic App for iPhone and iPad.

INRIX Traffic Alerts

New to INRIX Traffic 3.5, dynamic traffic alertseral new time-saving, holiday traffic-busting features for its popular INRIX Traffic App for iPhone.

New INRIX Traffic app features debuting today include:

  • See More Traffic for More Roads:  With INRIX’s expanded traffic on arterials, travelers can see at-a-glance if it’s faster to take side streets or stay on the highway with traffic information that extends beyond highways and interstates covering more than 500K miles of arterials and city streets now available nationwide.  With the ability to see more traffic on more local roads, INRIX Traffic gives travelers door-to-door coverage.
  • Live Traffic Alerts:Up to the minute, location specific pop-up alerts similar to live sports scores and weather updates available on the iPhone today.  Drivers receive live traffic alerts based on their location and personal preferences.  INRIX Traffic owners can now customize alerts based on proximity and incident type to ensure traffic alerts are specific to their route.  Better details on incidents including severity and time to clear help drivers make smarter decisions.

In addition to the new features highlighted above, INRIX also announced the app now supports eight languages adding Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian and Dutch.


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Thanksgiving Food Drive

by admin19. November 2011 00:00

This year INRIX’s Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive brought in enough food to feed 33 families. Donations are going to our friends at LifeSpring.  Check out the mountain of food going to needy families.  Thanks to all that participated.

INRIX folks proudly posing by "Food Mountain"

Beauty Shot of "Food Mountain"


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INRIX’s Bryan Mistele at WTIA’s TechNW on “How to Build ‘Em Big” Panel

by admin20. October 2011 00:00

Check out this video from WTIA‘s 2011 TechNW conference held last week in Seattle.INRIX CEO, Bryan Mistele, talks about starting INRIX, how he manages risk, and shares his thoughts on building a start-up in Seattle.

From TechNW:

Building a company that has global reach, that can successfully meet the needs of millions of customers, achieve a massive exit, or go public, is an extremely difficult task. During this panel you’ll hear from the CEOs of Apptio, Inrix and PopCap who will share the experiences, successes, failures and best practices that came from building their companies. Growing big business is in these guys’ DNA.”


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King of the Road: Meet GreenfieldPhil, INRIX Traffic’s Top Reporter

by admin23. September 2011 00:00

Week after week, GreenfieldPhil consistently snags the #1 spot on our list of Top Reporters.  We thought it would be fun to find out a little more about INRIX Traffic’s King of the Road.  Without further adieu, here’s GreenfieldPhil…

GreenfieldPhil in Antigua with INRIX Traffic

Here's GreenfieldPhil reporting police on his vacation in Antigua.

Reporter ID: GreenfieldPhil
Location: Indianapolis
Occupation: Sales – Road Warrior

Average Miles Driven Per Week:

Now I drive about 250 miles per week but what I would have given for INRIX in the 90′s when I drove 1,300 miles per week around the Midwest.  It would have been invaluable then.    I’ve driven over 900,000 miles for Sysco and would have loved the technology then that we have today.

Why I love INRIX Traffic:

I’m in sales and dread being late.   INRIX has often given me a heads up on problems on the interstate. The maps are well defined and easy to enlarge when I need to see what is going on.   The real time traffic situations showing orange and red are my major tools while driving.

My motivation when reporting incidents:

The libertarian in me doesn’t want folks to get caught speeding.  It’s a high tech flash of the headlights and I hope someone out there saved a few bucks  because of me.  I also realize that police presence also makes people drive a bit more cautiously so if they see a string of police emblems on the screen they are likely to drive a bit  slower and safer.

We love hearing about how INRIX Traffic helps you save time and travel hassle free.  Send us your stories and photos and if we profile you on our blog, we’ll send you a $25 iTunes gift card.  Email us at 


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