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Request your own complimentary safety analytics and data insights from Safety View, by GM Future Roads and INRIX

We invite any entity applying for the USDOT Safe Streets and Roads for All program to contact us for data and insights to help make the case for the safety planning or implementation project need and meet the grant requirements for data collection. Safety View, jointly developed by GM Future Roads and INRIX, includes multiple risk factors available for all roadway types across the US, giving a unique perspective of systemic safety needs in any jurisdiction. These include:

  • Speed Distribution Profile: Highlight the speed distribution profile, where there are the highest rates of speeding, or the highest speed risk in your area of interest
  • Vulnerable Road User Index: Highlight where there is the highest concentration of people walking and biking
  • Volume Profile: Volume by time of day or day of week helps highlight exposure, especially related to the VRU index
  • Risky Maneuvers: Highlight clusters of hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard cornering
  • True Near-Miss Detection: Proactively identify where roads and corridors are potentially dangerous with this industry first innovation that indicates where an Advanced Driver Assist System has been activated to avoid a crash.

Whether you’re applying for a planning or implementation project, the data available from Safety View can help strengthen your case to the federal government and can be submitted as an appendix, which has no page limit implications for your grant narrative. Cities from Pittsburgh, PA to Las Vegas, NV to Pleasanton, CA have used these custom reports in the past to help support their case for funding. Just answer a few simple questions, and someone from our team will be in touch to better understand your needs and work to deliver your data sheets for inclusion in your application as an appendix.

In order to allow our team enough time to do the relevant analysis and build a custom report, please anticipate a 1-2 week turnaround from when you submit your request.


All material is provided by GM and INRIX for informational and convenience purposes only and should not be relied upon as a professional opinion. Users should exercise independent judgment in using any material and remain responsible for any information submitted in their grant or funding applications. All grant funding decisions are made by third-party agencies. By providing the material, GM and INRIX are not providing professional advice and cannot guarantee the outcome of any funding decision.

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