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INRIX Announces Industry’s Broadest Real-Time and Historical Traffic Coverage in the U.S.

Kirkland, Wash. – January 31, 2007 – Inrix, Inc., the leading provider of traffic information in the United States, today announced immediate real-time traffic speed and flow data availability for nearly 50,000 miles covering 92 U.S. metropolitan markets and historical traffic coverage for nearly one million miles of roadways across the country. With its significantly expanded coverage, Inrix offers customers significantly more nationwide traffic data in more markets than any other traffic provider.

“Consumers and businesses alike need accurate, reliable traffic information that spans the entire country to make important decisions about traveling our major roadways and arterials,” said Bryan Mistele, co-founder and CEO of Inrix. “We are proud to announce 13 new real-time markets today to provide customers with the nation’s broadest coverage and we are committed to continued market coverage expansion.”

The new real-time markets now covered by Inrix include St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri; Dayton, Ohio; Manchester, New Hampshire; Bakersfield, California; and others. Inrix’s detailed market coverage maps are available on the company’s web site at: Inrix market coverage is based upon standard Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA’s).

Inrix is able to achieve broad market and road coverage through its unique “Smart Dust Network” approach of aggregating traffic-related information from traditional road sensors together with data from GPS-enabled vehicles and data from other sources. In addition, Inrix offers customers the most accurate traffic information available. The Inrix Traffic Fusion Engine is a sophisticated, proprietary technology that blends data and variables from hundreds of sources to provide the highest quality traffic information on the market.

Inrix leverages that same Traffic Fusion Engine to generate historical speeds for nearly one million miles of roadway across the United States. The Inrix Nationwide Average Speeds solution reports the average speed for every hour of the day and day of the week for every freeway, highway, state road, and major urban and rural arterials in the country. The product enables more accurate estimations for travel time as well as more time optimized routing and driving directions. To create historical Nationwide Average Speeds, Inrix analyzes years of data from the Inrix Smart Dust Network and then uses sophisticated statistical techniques to process this information and compute average speeds for about one million miles of roadway at the traffic segment link level and nearly 500,000 miles of roadway at the Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) level.

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