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Insights to Plan, Manage, and Improve Your Roadways
While Keeping Drivers Safe

Start Improving Your Roadways

Powerful Tools To Plan, Manage, and Improve Your Entire Road Network



Prioritize Investments


Identify and compare locations that are operating sub-optimally to help prioritize roadway improvements and investment of time and money.<



Reduce Traffic Congestion


Quickly and easily analyze road corridors to understand roadway performance to understand and improve congestion hotspots.



High Quality, Granular Data


Our high quality data and insights are used by some of the largest transportation agencies to generate real results.

We help transportation professionals outsmart traffic to optimize the roadways of today and tomorrow making movement safer, easier, and more efficient

The movement of goods and people throughout cities and across states is what keeps the world moving.

With congestion costing local economies billions each year, the opportunity to use big data analytics to help tackle congestion unlocks significant time savings for drivers while drastically reducing the total cost of ownership for transportation agencies.

By integrating and analyzing information from people, vehicles, cities and roadways, we’re making transportation safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable for everyone.

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A One-Stop-Shop To Help You Make Your Roadways Better

Improve operations, optimize traffic flow, measure project effectiveness, and plan the roads of the future.

INRIX Roadway Analytics™

Uncover Problem Areas Before They Become A Major Issue

INRIX Roadway Analytics powered by the CATT Lab utilizes anonymous data from connected vehicles to deliver on-demand traffic data, analytics and visualizations that can help you improve roadway performance and urban mobility.

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INRIX Trip Analytics™

Make better decisions by understanding the movement of people through accurate trip analysis

Trip Analytics powered by the CATT Lab provides aggregated insights into the trips and routes people take.

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INRIX Signal Analytics™

Easily identify, rank and prioritize intersection signal projects to achieve maximum impact on traffic flow

INRIX Signal Analytics powered by CATT Lab utilizes anonymous data from connected vehicles, eliminating traditional cost and time expenditures for traffic signal improvement.

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HELP Alerts™

Detecting and managing large-scale highway emergencies

Highway Emergency Link Platform (HELP) is a turnkey service that enables agency officials to lead two-way communications with drivers when traditional communications channels won’t work.

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