INRIX Research

Your resource for understanding the movement of people and goods across the globe.

About INRIX Research

INRIX Research uses proprietary big data and expertise to make the movement of people and goods more efficient, safe and convenient.

We achieve this by leveraging 500 Terabytes of INRIX data from 300 million different sources covering over 5 million miles of road, and combining it with our other data sources including global parking, fuel, point of interest, public transport, and road weather information. Together, our data provides a rich and fertile picture of urban mobility that enables us to produce valuable and actionable insights for policy makers, transport professionals, automakers and drivers.


The INRIX Research team has researchers in Europe and North America and is comprised of economists, transportation policy specialists and data scientists, with a mix of research backgrounds from academia, think tanks and commercial research and development groups. We have decades of experience in applying rigorous, cutting-edge methodologies to answer salient, real-world problems.

INRIX Research will continue to develop the INRIX Traffic Scorecard as well as developing new industry-leading metrics and original research reports. In addition to our research outputs, INRIX Research is a valuable and free resource for journalists, researchers and policymakers. We are able to assist with data, analysis and expert commentary on all aspects of urban mobility and smart cities. Spokespeople are available globally for interview.