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The new metric for distance: minutes, not miles

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Sometimes 40 miles is a shorter distance than 10

INRIX Drive Time measures distance in minutes rather than miles, helping retailers determine the accessibility of store locations and real estate agents help their customers purchase the right home.

• Drive Time is based on typical traffic conditions rather than actual traffic, which includes non-recurring activity such as a crash or construction
• With Drive Time, you can analyze the extent of a drive by day of week, time of day and length of journey

For Retailers

Understanding how long target customers need to drive to reach your store is particularly important for businesses that are frequented out of convenience rather than being a destination. For example, people typically will only travel about 6 minutes for gas and about 8 minutes for fast food, making it essential to understand how far each location is from your target customers.

Drive Time helps improve site selection analysis by calculating drive times from key locations.

For Real Estate Agents

INRIX Drive Time takes the uncertainty out of one of the most important factors in buying a new home – how long it will typically take to drive to/from work, school, daycare or shopping.

Some realtors simply provide the distance to work or drive times based on the speed limit or worse, real-time roadway traffic conditions. INRIX Drive Time enables homebuyers to quickly see accurate drive times for different homes over different times of the day or days of the week, facilitating and shortening the sales cycle for realtors by prioritizing suitable homes.

Over 1 million U.S. Real Estate agents use “minutes over miles,” making INRIX Drive Time an essential tool for selling homes to new buyers.

“Joyce Realty has been on the vanguard of bringing leading technology via to our customers in the New York Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey markets since 1994,” said Kevin Joyce, President and Founder, Joyce Realty. “Searching for homes based on typical drive times to work reinforces our technology leadership position and provides enormous value to our home buyers.”

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