Delivering unique, real-time data and information to keep listeners and viewers tuned in

Enhance Reporting With Our Data

Traffic information and a suite of easy-to-use tools for delivering up-to-the-minute traffic news to listeners

From bedroom communities to the statewide level and beyond, INRIX media content is one-of-a-kind, trustworthy, highly discoverable and can be deployed across multiple platforms.

Using our high-quality movement data, precision traffic reports, apps and services, you can help your audience save time and money, while simultaneously generating valuable content that is easily monetized.

“INRIX is easy to use…I can get a real feel for where problems are and better judge how they might affect our listeners.”
Scott Myers, Breakfast Producer, UK Regional Station


  • Digital Media Suite

    The INRIX digital media suite delivers real-time traffic news for broadcast media as a turnkey application solution, helping you engage with your audiences.

  • Highly Discoverable

    Using high-quality traffic data, apps, and services, our accurate and reliable traffic reports enable you to help your audience save time and money, while generating valuable content that is easy to monetize.

  • INRIX Radio

    A single data source and intuitive web-based tools to customize and broadcast your traffic and travel news.


    Real-time traffic data with optional traffic camera feeds and key route travel times available through a simple-to-use iPad app, making it easy to report the news from anywhere.

  • Mobile Development Kit

    The tools you need to easily develop your own traffic app to keep your listeners and/or viewers informed and moving when on the road.

  • Connected Services

    A suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that provide traffic information and location-based services to connected devices across the internet.

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