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Employ new insights never before available with traffic speed data

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Enhance decision making by understanding the speed at which traffic flows

INRIX Speed provides a comprehensive collection of historic traffic time and traffic speed data and data available in archival or profile formats to help you analyze how traffic responded to a specific moment in time or typically flows on a particular roadway segment.

This information is helpful to transportation planners and consultants focused on improving traffic flow, capacity, and signal timing; to advertisers seeking to optimize billboard advertising campaigns; and to retailers evaluating new retail sites.

Planning for transportation and roadway networks

With INRIX Speed you can conduct new types of transportation studies that provide invaluable insights for long-term roadway and capacity planning.

Optimizing billboard advertising

INRIX Speed provides the knowledge you need for real-time ad triggering, allowing you to adjust your billboard advertising messaging based on the speed of traffic flowing by your billboards.

Traffic Speed and Travel Time Features:

  • Traffic Speed Archives

    Historical log of speeds and travel times for each roadway segment throughout the day. Represents prevailing traffic conditions for a specific moment in time.

  • Traffic Speed Profiles

    Statistical distribution of traffic speed data points that represent the typical traffic condition for a specific 15-minute time period of the week.

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