INRIX Smart Delivery Suite

A comprehensive set of tools to ensure deliveries
arrive safely and on-time, every time.

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Optimize Deliveries to
Save Time, Money, and Fuel.



Keep Shipments & Drivers
Safer with Proactive Alerts.



A Complete Solution for
Smarter, Safer, and More
Reliable Deliveries

The INRIX Smart Delivery Suite is a comprehensive set of tools that helps delivery and mobility businesses optimize routes, outsmart traffic, and avoid incidents to ensure deliveries are safe and on-time, EVERY time.

In today’s increasingly mobile-first world, meeting consumer expectations for timely delivery and pick up is no longer a luxury; it’s a requirement. This urgent demand puts businesses in the hot seat, challenging them to deliver on time, every time- whether it’s a pizza, a person or a package.

To solve this challenge, INRIX, a leader in solutions for the delivery and mobility industry, just launched a groundbreaking suite of solutions designed to help businesses effortlessly outsmart traffic, optimize delivery schedules, and provide spot-on ETAs to keep customers delighted – Introducing the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite.

In an age where every second and every mile counts, ensuring deliveries arrive on-time is not just a service – it’s a promise that directly translates to happier customers and a healthier bottom line.

The INRIX Smart Delivery Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your deliveries aren’t just on time – but also optimized, safe, and reliable from start to finish.
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Optimize Routes to Outsmart Congestion

Harness the power of real-time and historical traffic data to chart the most efficient routes. Dodge road closures, bypass traffic snarls, and ensure your drivers are always traveling on the quickest path to your customer’s door.


Keep drivers and shipments safe with proactive alerts

Safety isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our advanced alerting system keeps your drivers forewarned about dangerous slowdowns and other hazardous conditions, ensuring deliveries (and drivers) arrive safely and on-time.


Flexible, Yet Comprehensive Data, Insights, and Solutions

We provide all the building blocks needed to improve each stage of the delivery journey from start to finish. Our map-agnostic solutions, powered by over 20 years of transportation data, will keep your drivers and customers happy.

Use Cases

Rideshare Services

We power rideshare/navigation apps with mobility intelligence to help them transport customers faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Historical Data for Strategic Planning

  • Scenario: A rideshare company is looking to optimize its fleet distribution during peak hours to maximize market coverage.
  • Solution: Our solution analyzes historical traffic speeds, volumes, and incident data to identify patterns to help them position its fleet in strategic locations ahead of time, reducing wait times for customers, increasing driver earnings, and ultimately improving services for all parties.


Navigating Stop-and-Go Traffic

  • Scenario: The unpredictable nature of stop-and-go traffic for rideshare services in densely populated cities increases the risk of crashes, leads to a stressful driving experience, and causes customer dissatisfaction.
  • Solution: Our solution guides drivers away from congested routes and provides alerts on-road incidents, proactively adjusting the driver’s route. This enhances passenger safety and improves their overall experience, increasing ratings and loyalty for the rideshare service.

Food Delivery Services

We help over 20% of the food delivery industry optimize deliveries to make sure people their customers don’t go hungry.

Manage Customer Expectations with Better ETAS:

  • Scenario: A customer eagerly awaits a meal delivery they ordered online. Rapidly changing city traffic conditions and potential road incidents could cause unexpected delivery delays.
  • Solution: Leveraging real-time and historical traffic data, the delivery service provides an accurate and constantly updated ETA, keeping the customer informed and managing their expectations effectively.


Incident Response and Rerouting

  • Scenario: A food delivery driver is enroute when an accident occurs on their planned path. The driver has to act fast to ensure they don’t get stuck in a traffic jam to ensure food doesn’t arrive cold.
  • Solution: Our solution immediately identifies the incident and reroutes the driver in real-time, avoiding the affected area and minimizing delays.

Package Delivery Services

Insights to better schedule delivery times, optimize routes, and real-time alerts to warn drivers at risk of encountering a dangerous slowdown or queue.

Helping Freight Trucks Avoid Dangerous Slowdowns

  • Scenario: A truck transporting a heavy load on a high-speed highway requires a longer distance to come to a stop, making sudden slowdowns more hazardous.
  • Solution: Proactive Roadway Alerts warn driver about dangerous slowdowns ahead to ensure the driver has time to reduce speed gradually, preventing abrupt stops and reducing the risk of accidents. 


Dynamic Route Optimization

  • Scenario: A package delivery driver has multiple stops to make during their shift.
  • Solution: Our software analyzes real-time traffic conditions, historical traffic data, and road incidents to create the most efficient route. This ensures timely deliveries, reduces fuel consumption, and improves driver productivity.


  • Routing Engine Uses Real-Time, Historical & Predictive Info

    Our routing engine uses a forward-looking algorithm to analyze current traffic & predict its changes during a journey, integrating real-time, historical, & predictive data, along with road closures & incidents, for the most informed route planning.

  • Comprehensive Traffic Info

    Our traffic data covers over 5 million miles of roads in 47 countries, providing detailed information on a wide range of road types and classes, from major highways to local streets to provide a complete picture of traffic conditions.

  • Highest Quality Incidents Data

    Using more than 500 data sources, our incidents data provides the most comprehensive and accurate global dataset of anomalous roadway conditions to keep drivers and logistics planners informed about congestion, crashes, and construction on the road.

  • Real-Time Roadway Alerts

    Based on real-time data from vehicles on the road, proactive location-based notifications warn drivers and of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic on the roadway.

  • Detailed Parking Info

    Including data on off-street and on-street locations along with availability predictions to help last mile companies find legitimate parking spots in busy downtown areas.

  • Map Agnostic

    Our map agnostic APIs that make us the preferred choice for any company tasked with delivering a package, a person, or a pizza – particularly if they are using OSM or custom map and routing solutions.

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