Deliveries & Logistics

Insights to Outsmart Traffic and Optimize Delivery Schedules, To Keep Deliveries On-Time and Your Customers Happy


Keep Your Drivers Moving and Your Customers Happy

Many obstacles stand between your goods and your customers but we'll help you conquer them all.


Optimize Scheduled Delivery Times

Improve delivery time schedules by looking at real-time, historical, and predictive traffic along with detailed parking information.


Plan the Perfect Route

We’ll help you see the big picture so you can plan the best delivery route for each day, time, and location.


Make The Last-Mile Safe and Easy

Use our comprehensive parking data to know exactly where loading zones are located, along with predicted parking availability.

We help delivery and rideshare companies outsmart congestion to ensure packages and people will always arrive on time.

As our society is becoming increasingly mobile-first, businesses are expanding their reach to get products and services in the hands of customers with the tap of a button. This added convenience is great for consumers, but leaves businesses with the difficult task of dealing with delivery logistics.

We’re helping companies adapt by providing them with location based data and insights to outsmart traffic, avoid crashes and road closures, and optimize deliver times make deliveries faster, safer and more reliably.

We help some of the biggest online retailers and food delivery services optimize routes with traffic data, drive times, and loading zone information to ensure orders are always delivered on-time.
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Who We Help

Rideshare Services

We power rideshare and navigation apps with mobility intelligence to save their customers time, money and stress. Our services to help them get people where they need to go faster, safer and more efficiently.

Food Delivery Services

We help over 20% of the food delivery industry optimize deliveries to make sure their customers don’t go hungry.

Package Delivery Services

Traffic insights to better schedule delivery times, optimize routes, and outsmart congestion along with robust parking information to ensure drivers are compliant to local restrictions.

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