Out-of-Home Advertising

Finally you can demonstrate the effectiveness of targeted billboard advertising

An industry first: real-time metrics to measure and optimize digital billboard advertising

Billboard advertising has long been plagued with the challenges of limited exposure time, poor targeting and an inability to measure effectiveness. Ad copy and imagery is often based on the worst case scenario--cars going too fast for people to engage with much information. Methods for calculating the number of people exposed to a message has lacked the kind of data that would make the exercise meaningful.

INRIX solves these issues for advertisers by providing valuable insight into the people who pass by your billboards, enabling you to better target your message and measure results moment-to-moment.

INRIX Data and Analytics

INRIX data and analytics give comprehensive understanding to all the ins and outs of traffic, and the drivers engaging with your billboards.

By tabulating pinpoint-accurate vehicle volumes and speed, sorted according to days of the week and times of day, you can effectively tailor the length and tone of your message. And, by understanding real and in-depth numbers related to all aspects of vehicle movement, you can make better assessments leading to more powerful marketing decisions.


  • Real-time Digital Ad Triggering

    Analytics to inform and adjust billboard messaging based on speed of traffic.

  • Campaign Measurement

    Historical data that provides actual vehicle counts rather than estimates.

  • Vehicle Stats

    Pinpoint-accurate vehicle volumes and speed, sorted according to days of the week and times of day.

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