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Location Analytics provides comprehensive location-based intelligence to help businesses easily make more confident, calculated decisions to improve profitability.

Business professionals are faced with challenging questions every day that data can help answer, but making sense of it all can be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult.

INRIX Location Analytics is a powerful new location based intelligence application that makes it easy for professionals to make data-driven decisions to grow their business and maximize return on investment.

This easy-to-use, cloud-based solution empowers businesses with detailed insights on any location to make smarter, faster decisions— whether it’s deciding where to open a new location, understanding the buyer behavior, or making the right investments to maximize portfolio growth.

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Easily Find & Analyze Any Location You’re Interested In

Location Analytics’ powerful search function lets you quickly find the locations you are interested in and compare them immediately.

Eliminate the Guesswork with Powerful Location Based Intelligence

Location Analytics provides on-demand access to detailed location-based information and key metrics on the places that matter most to you.

Flexible Platform Provides Holistic Insights for Any Type of User

Location Analytics’ powerful data integration capabilities make it easy to get a unified view of all your mobility data to produce deep, actionable insights. Whether you’re an analyst, manager, or data scientist, the insights you need are only a few clicks away.

Use Cases

Brick and mortar businesses like retailers and restaurants can easily analyze current or prospective locations to stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Site selection: Understand the sales potential associated with a location
  • Customer Segmentation: Discovering who and where customers are to find the right trade areas and optimize marketing efforts
  • White Space Analysis: Identifying optimal markets, evaluating acquisition opportunities, and following synergistic brands
  • Competitive Analysis: Finding where competitors are located, assessing traffic and business activity, and comparing with your locations
  • Marketing Attribution: Measure the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing campaigns

Financial Services
Understanding the flow of goods and people can give hedge funds and investors unique insights into the health of the economy, an industry, an individual company, or even an individual location.

  • Portfolio Planning and Optimization: Analyze key industries, markets, brands, or even locations
  • Understand Supply & Demand Trends: Analyze manufacturing activity, natural resource mining, and consumer behavior trends
  • Identify New Growth Markets: Researching locations with the highest sales potential while planning for portfolio growth
  • White Space Analysis: Identifying optimal markets and evaluating acquisition opportunities

Location intelligence can help cities streamline urban planning, improve accessibility and utilization of public services.

  • District Trend Analysis: Assess the commercial and social viability of the downtown core
  • Urban Planning: Develop infrastructure tailored to the citizens’ needs and mobility trends
  • Mobility Planning, Measurement, and Management: Optimize transportation systems, plan future mobility projects, and provide faster, more effective solutions
  • Greener Projects for More Livable Cities: Location data can inform better design of living infrastructure, parking facilities, or intersections to minimize waste

Location Analytics Features

  • Searchable Points-of-Interest (POIs)

    Location Analytics comes pre-loaded with highly precise and relevant POIs that can be searched and filtered type, location, etc. and you can even import your own locations.

  • Customizable Locations

    Unlike other offerings that are limited to only giving you data linked to proprietary POIs, we let you specify the exact geographic boundaries you want data for with an easy-to-use drawing tool to cover a wide variety of uses cases.

  • Demographic Details

    Trips are matched to their origin neighborhood at the census block level. This makes it easy to characterize trip travel distances and trade areas associated with each location, as well as to match visits to demographics data.

  • Vehicle Trip Details

    Get details on how many vehicles stopped and started inside the location boundary, how many vehicles went through, and where the vehicle drivers came from and where they went. See the typical hour-by-hour speeds for road segments at and around a location, even down to minor roads.

  • Drive Time Polygons

    Drive time polygons predict distance in minutes rather than miles, helping retailers determine the accessibility of store locations. Analyze drive times by day of week, time of day, and length of journey.

  • People Visits Details

    Access anonymized mobile location intelligence data to better understand who your customers are, where they come from, and when they are visiting the most.

  • Flexible Platform

    Use the API to access Visits data and bulk Trips reports to conduct custom analysis beyond the standard reports provided by Location Analytics.

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