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Mobility Intelligence Applications that are smart, powerful and easy-to-use.
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Data Science
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Intelligent applications built by our team of data science experts make it easy to explore, analyze and visualize location-based data.



Eliminates Costly Sensors & Fieldwork

Get the location insights you need at a fraction of the cost. Move away from costly hardware, expensive fieldwork, and confusing data sets.



Diverse Data For Smarter Insights

By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities, and businesses – we can help you gain deep insights from the entire transportation ecosystem.

Cloud-based applications that make it easy for anyone to uncover actionable insights from location-based data— anytime, anywhere.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to reap the benefits of big data from our location intelligence applications. With INRIX IQ all the answers you need are only a few clicks away. 

Traditionally, only large organizations with a big budget or data science team were equipped to unlock the power of big data.
INRIX IQ closes the gap by empowering everyone with the same high-quality location intelligence that the world’s most innovative organizations have trusted for over 15 years.  
Our suite of easy-to-use applications helps professionals of all skill levels make sense of anonymized location-based data faster and smarter to improve decision making—whether it’s deciding where to open a new business or understanding how new construction is impacting traffic flow. 

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INRIX Mission Control™

Monitor traffic conditions on any road in real-time using connected vehicle data.

INRIX Mission Control is a next-generation, cloud-based, traffic monitoring application that delivers unparalleled real-time insights into traffic conditions across all major road types and classes.

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INRIX Signal Analytics

A Complementary Set of Tools for Proactive Signal Management. 

Signal Analytics is the first cloud-based application that uses big data from connected cars to help traffic professionals identify and understand unnecessary delays at signalized intersections areawide – no hardware or fieldwork required. Learn more about our traffic signal software.


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INRIX Roadway Analytics

Helping transportation planning professionals uncover problem areas before they become a major issue.

Roadway Analytics uses anonymous data from connected vehicles to deliver on-demand traffic data, analytics and visualizations that can help you improve roadway performance and urban mobility.      

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INRIX Trip Trends

Get access to data on billions of anonymized daily trips to monitor travel trends around the world. 

Trip Trends provides our high quality location-based insights in an easy to use format to help cities, road authorities and businesses quickly understand what is happening on the world’s roadways.


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INRIX Trip Analytics

Make better decisions by understanding the movement of people through accurate trip analysis.

Trip Analytics powered by the CATT Lab provides more accurate insight into the traffic patterns, trips people take, including where they begin and end their journeys and all the waypoints in between.


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INRIX Location Analytics

Get Location Based Insights For Any Location in A Few Clicks

Location Analytics provides comprehensive location-based insights to help businesses easily make more confident, calculated decisions to improve profitability.

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  • Easy-To-Use

    Our collection of intuitive applications make it easy to quickly uncover insights from massive amounts of geospatial data.

  • 100% Cloud Based

    Making our innovative solutions available in the cloud ensures users will always have access to the freshest insights, tools and user experience.

  • Diverse Data & Insights

    INRIX IQ provides clarity by turning seemingly unrelated data sets and events into a complete picture of what’s happening in the world around us.

  • Powered By Artificial Intelligence

    Our AI powered calculation engine can quickly crunch massive amounts of data with just a few clicks to provide highly detailed answers – no data scientist required!

  • Robust Data Visualizations

    We turn trillions data points into easy-to-understand graphs, charts and trends that visually answer almost any location-related questions you might have.

  • Virtual Infrastructure

    A virtual explosion of new data from connected vehicles and devices enables us to provide you with granular insights without relying on sensors in the roadway, at the intersection, or in the store.

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By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities and businesses – INRIX IQ can help you gain deep insights from the entire transportation eco-system.