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INRIX Trips Plus

An innovative Alternative Dataset designed to empower investors with a deeper, data-driven understanding of the companies they are interested in.

By leveraging detailed passenger car and truck data, Trips Plus offers unparalleled insights into vehicle activity across locations of potential economic interest, enabling a comprehensive analysis of both consumer trends and manufacturing/distribution dynamics.

The complexity associated with sourcing, ingesting and managing the data, as well as the amount of manual work that’s often required can make leveraging disparate datasets challenging for investment managers.

Trips Plus combines connected vehicle data (passenger car and trucking data) from INRIX Trip Analytics with U.S. POI data, supporting both public and private companies, to provide a seamless experience that leaves more time for analysis. No more drawing polygons, acquiring an additional dataset, managing separate contracts, or marrying disparate datasets together. Trips Plus data is also tickerized and normalized which offers ready-to-use information that enhances investment strategies right out of the box.

With Trips Plus, you can gain insights into consumer trends ahead of earnings while also analyzing commercial activity around places like manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers and seaports. Embrace the power of informed decision-making with Trips Plus, where clarity meets investment intelligence.




All-in-One Mobility

Simplify the data management and integration process with the first-to-market dataset that combines tickerized & normalized connected vehicle geolocation with U.S. POI data



Generate Unique
Investment Insights

Analyze trips across both passenger and commercial vehicles with highly accurate and dense mobility data combined with robust U.S. POI data covering 7,700+ brands and ~450 tickers.



Normalized Data

Leveraging INRIX’s expertise in the world of traffic and congestion, Trips Plus data is normalized and aggregated daily. This improves signal, data accuracy and relevance, while reducing noise, complexity and data clean up.

How Trips Plus Helps Investors Better Predict Earnings

Manufacturing Analysis

Leveraging our robust truck mobility dataset, analyzing vehicle movement at industrial sites correlates closely with various impactful KPIs. In this example, Pacific Car and Foundry Company (PCAR), shows a strong correlation factor of 0.89 between our observed trip counts from our truck data and their reported Truck Inventories over this 3-year period. An even stronger .96 correlation is being shown between passenger car activity at these locations and reported revenue.

Retail / Supply Chain Analysis

Tracking consumer behavior at retail locations is not the only way to understand behavior and level of activity. In this example, we are finding an insanely strong .96 correlation across our truck data at Dollar General’s (DG) retail locations and their reported revenue. Trucks obviously deliver goods to stores and analyzing any changes in shipping can give insights into the total goods being delivered to retail stores. In our POI dataset, we also have thousands of distribution centers which can also be monitored to understand any changes in supply chain.

Theme Park Analysis

Most people travel to and from theme parks by car. Connected vehicle data can provide extremely valuable insights into the activity level of theme parks and help investors better predict revenue. In this example, we found a 0.98 correlation factor between Six Flags’ reported revenue and .99 correlation with actual attendance using our consumer dataset over a 3-year period.

Take proactive actions based on deep analysis and reliable mobility trends

  • Generate mobility insights based on vehicle traffic to help you find economic signals.

  • Leverage tickers across Industry sector portfolios for leading indicators. Identify trends by time of day, day of week, month, season, and year.

  • Track both passenger and truck movement across locations that matter most to you.

  • Private equity due diligence for evaluation sprint: fast turnaround and data delivery for ad-hoc requests.

  • Forecasting, predictive modeling, and demand & asset performance analysis.

  • Analyze privately-owned business to identify new PE investments, track current holdings, or even analyze possible fixed income ideas.

Key Features

  • Vehicle Trips Data

    Connected vehicle data, vehicle classes (passenger and fleet), and footfall data from mobile devices.

  • Robust POI Data

    Accurate, precise and extensive U.S. POI data set consisting of 18M POIs, 7,700+ brands and ~450 tickers, that is refreshed on a monthly basis.

  • Tickerization

    Each trip visit to each location is associated with a stock symbol, along with CUSIPs and ISINs, which makes it easy to merge the data with your existing datasets. Trips Plus covers ~450 tickers.

  • Normalized Data

    Trips Plus harnesses INRIX’s traffic insights, offering daily normalized and aggregated data for enhanced accuracy and signal clarity, with minimized noise and complexity.

  • Data-Driven Investment Insights

    INRIX's Trips Plus enables investors to discern key performance indicators by tracking and analyzing data from passenger cars and trucks tailored to their specific use cases.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible subscription model to only access and pay for the vehicle movements that are relevant to your portfolio: subscribe to just specific tickers, industry segments, or locations.

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