INRIX Parking

An End-To-End Solution To Help You
Conquer the Last-Mile With Ease.

Let's Make Parking Easy

High Quality Parking Data and Innovative Technology To Make Parking Easy




Only Complete Parking Solution

INRIX provides an all-in-one parking solution to help drivers find, compare, pay, and even route to open parking spots.




Highest Quality Parking Data

We leverage exclusive partnerships with cities and parking companies, along with a huge team of data collectors, to keep our best-in-class parking database up to date.




Industry First Technologies

From the 1st on-street availability finder, to the 1st parking influenced routing feature, our fully patented solutions can help you build the ultimate parking experience.

See how easy it is to park with INRIX Parking!

INRIX Parking helps drivers find, compare, pay, and navigate to the best parking.

Providing an end-to-end parking solution to help drivers save time, money, and frustration.

We work across the entire parking eco-system to optimize parking for drivers, cities, and businesses. We understand the complex interrelationships that exist between our customers, and are uniquely positioned to offer a complete solution across the spectrum.

Our progressive technology can help you advance parking into the 21st century to help drivers save time and money while also reducing congestion in cities.

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INRIX Provides All The Pieces For An End-To-End Parking Experience

  • Off-Street Parking Data

    Detailed information includes rates, hours, entrance points, and more than 88 other attributes to help drivers select the right spot. Our coverage includes more than 312,000 locations in nearly 20,000+ cities, 150 countries.

  • On-Street Parking Data

    Our innovative on-street solution uses real-time data and predictive analytics to guide drivers to streets where they have the highest likelihood of finding a parking spot. Our coverage includes more than 422 cities in 56+ countries.

  • Parking Reservation & Payment Platform

    We've partnered with the leading parking transaction companies in the US & Europe to offer drivers a comprehensive experience, helping them find, compare, reserve and pay for parking with the click of a button.

  • Traffic Data

    INRIX leverages our industry leading traffic and incident data to help guide drivers to available and also enhance the quality of our parking data.

  • Routing: INRIX Parking Path®

    Leveraging our expansive traffic, incident, and parking availability data sets, our routing feature guides drivers to their end destination along the optimal route for finding available parking.

  • Parking Analytics & Predictive Occupancy

    Rather than just providing drivers with a list of parking POIs, INRIX takes the guesswork out of parking by giving drivers an accurate prediction of where the best available parking is located.

Learn how we helped a BMW launch numerous industry firsts to help drivers simplify the last-mile.

Read Our BMW Case Study

"Through its collaboration with INRIX, the BMW Group aims to continue setting the benchmark in urban mobility into the future."

Martin Hauschild
Head of Mobility Technologies BMW Group

Use Cases

  • Automotive

    An end-to-end parking solution empowering automakers to help drivers find, compare and pay for parking

  • Cities and Universities

    Turning Big Data into valuable insights to help parking managers make data driven decisions.

  • Enterprise

    A complete solution to manage parking operations from management to measurement.

  • Parking Operators

    The information and tools you need to fill empty parking spots and optimize your parking operation.

  • Developers

    Robust parking APIs to integrate the best data and features into your offerings.

The Most Comprehensive & Accurate Parking Data on the Market

The quality of INRIX parking data is validated by regular drive tests and third party assessments of core attributes such as customer satisfaction, precise entrance location, pricing information and correct hours.

A Seamless Experience For Drivers

INRIX Parking helps drivers find parking based on cost, location and availability, and also lets them reserve and pay for their parking from their vehicle or mobile device.

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