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Data-driven insights for better curbside management

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INRIX Curb Analytics empowers parking and transportation authorities to manage the curbspace more effectively, maximize parking availability and ultimately improve the quality of life for city residents.

The curb is one of the most valuable real estate assets managed by a city, and it faces increasingly high demand.

As the urban landscape evolves, municipalities need to balance parking with a range of other important curb uses – from public transit and ridesharing to loading zones and EV charging stations. The primary challenge is collecting comprehensive and accurate data, and translating that information into a practical understanding of the city’s curbspace.

Curb Analytics leverages a massive set of anonymized mobility data aggregated from multiple sources to provide a broad digital view into curb usage and harnesses the power of machine learning to deliver actionable insights.

With Curb Analytics, agencies can manage their curbspace and parking more effectively and foster more livable and sustainable urban environments.


Manage the curbspace more effectively with
instant access to comprehensive curbside data and insights

Gain Deep Visibility into Your Curbspace

Curb Analytics presents a visualization of your city’s curbside and off-street parking, fully digitized out-of-the-box. With unparalleled real-time and historical 24/7 visibility into your curb assets – and parking supply and demand – Curb Analytics enables you to allocate the curbspace to best serve your community.


Enhance Urban Mobility Using Data-Driven Insights

Parking availability has a substantial impact on any urban traffic network. With Curb Analytics, you can take a data-driven approach to parking and curbside management, rooted in ground truth. Reduce the congestion and emissions from vehicles circling the block looking for parking, and create a more dynamic and accessible city.


Plan for the Future and Make Your City more Livable

Curb Analytics identifies parking trends and curb usage patterns, helping city authorities address continuously changing needs, make predictions, and develop impactful long-term strategies to build more livable, sustainable and economically viable urban environments.


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Your City’s Curbspace Fully Digitized Out of the Box

Pre-loaded Content  

Pre-loaded Content

Multiple curbside and parking datasets – sourced from connected vehicles, GPS, in-field surveys and the global INRIX parking database – aggregated into a single user-friendly solution.

Comprehensive Map Coverag  

Comprehensive Map Coverage

High-fidelity mapping with every blockface and curb zone digitized at ±1 meter accuracy, and clickable drill-down access to all the data and insights for your target areas.

Rich Static Data Attribution  

Rich Static Data Attribution

The policies that govern parking, capacity, both for delineated parking spaces and estimated for unmarked spaces, hours of operation for lots, payment information, EV charging station, and much more.

Visualize and Analyze the Curbspace with High Fidelity and at Scale

On-Street Map  

On-Street Map

High-fidelity, 100% geospatial and temporal curbside coverage of the urban core for most major cities in North America.

Off-Street Map  

Off-Street Map

Coverage of more than 200,000 surface lots, parking structures and underground garages worldwide, including vehicular entry points and parking area polygons.

Efficient Map Controls  

Efficient Map Controls

Pan, zoom in and out, and select map elements to access the data and insights for the target areas you are interested in.

Data-driven Insights for Better Outcomes

On-Street Parking Availability, Occupancy, and Cost  

On-Street Parking Availability, Occupancy, and Cost

A complete view of parking supply. Understand which blockfaces and areas have the lowest and highest dynamic supply and demand. See the locations where prices are the cheapest and the most expensive, as well as the median prices for an entire area.

Off-Street Parking Availability, Occupancy, and Cost 

Off-Street Parking Availability, Occupancy, and Cost

Understand which lots have the lowest and highest probability of finding one or more open spots, and which ones have the lowest and highest dynamic supply and demand. See the locations where prices are the cheapest and the most expensive, as well as the median prices for an entire area.

Predictive Machine Learning Model  

Predictive Machine Learning Model

Advanced ML model trained on vast amounts of mobility data to provide proven, valuable and actionable insights. Predictions are continuously tested against ground truth observations.

Use Cases


Understand Parking Availability and Occupancy to Make Changes to the Curbspace

Analyze parking data to identify patterns and trends in supply and demand across different areas and times of the day and week.



Support Small Businesses Who Depend on Parking

Analyze parking data around small business locations to understand supply and demand and increase convenience and accessibility for customers and employees.



Improve the Well-Being of Your Constituents

Leverage insights to support policies related to transportation, urban development, economic growth, and equity.


Simplify Your Workflow and Reduce Costs with Cloud-based Analytics

  • Easy-To-Use

    This intuitive cloud-based service allows you to perform detailed analysis without ever leaving your desk and doesn’t require any data science skills.

  • Immediately Available Insights

    After signing up online, we flip a switch so you can start exploring the data instantly. No need for expensive equipment deployment, management and maintenance.

  • Pre-loaded Curb Content

    Curb Analytics comes pre-loaded with extensive up-to-date curbside and parking data. Skip the time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly data collection, aggregation and integration.

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