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Get access to data on billions of anonymized daily trips to monitor travel trends around the world.

Being able to understand the trips people take and the movement of goods can provide tremendous insights for transportation planners, financial analysts, and a wide variety of other organizations.

In this time of unprecedented volatility in travel, it's critical to understand which areas are “re-emerging” the fastest to help both the public and private sectors prioritize investments.

INRIX Trip Trends provides our high-quality location-based insights in an easy-to-use format to help cities, road authorities and businesses quickly understand what is happening on the world’s roadways.

Our intuitive, cloud-based platform provides market, state, and country-level insights into travel demand for OTR Trucking, regional/local fleets, and passenger vehicle trips. Get access to trip count, VMT data, trip length, and trip duration to understand what transportation trends are happening around the world.

Trip Trends is now available instantly on INRIX IQ.

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Easily Visualize & Compare Trends

Slice and dice our VMT data up by market, time of day, day of week or vehicle class (passenger, local fleet or long haul fleet) to uncover a wide variety of insights. VMT data can even be exported if users want to analyze the data in another analytics platform.

Fast, Fresh, & Flexible Insights

With only a 2-day lag, our VMT data is available in an easy-to-use format to help you quickly understand exactly what is happening on the world’s roadways.

Robust Coverage & Details Down to the Zip Code Level

Insights into the movement of different vehicle types to understand what’s happening across countries, states, cities, and even zip-codes.

Trip Trends Helps Organizations of All Shapes & Sizes



Access to fresh trip data can help planners prioritize road improvements, inform gas tax estimations, pollution changes, and more.



Trips statistics are correlated with the health of the aftermarket industry – the more trips taken, the more that maintenance, repair, and replacement of vehicles will be required.



Driving trends can also help make smarter investment decisions. For example, a change in trips on shipping routes in states that produce oil, cars, or produce can tell you if economic activity is going up or down.

Trip Trends Features

  • Global Coverage

    Get travel insights for more than 390 markets in 34 countries around the globe.

  • Passenger, Freight, & Local Delivery Trips

    Details broken down by trip type which includes: Passenger Vehicle Trips, Long Haul Freight Trips, and Local Fleet Trips.

  • Trip Count

    Get the number of trips associated with a particular region, vehicle type, and time period

  • Average Travel Distance

    Access the average trip distance for each region, vehicle type, and time period as described previously.

  • Trip Duration

    Total trip duration between the start and end points of all trips for a given vehicle type and time period originating in a region.


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