INRIX Compass™

A new AI technology that puts 50 petabytes
of rich transportation data at your fingertips

Introducing INRIX Compass™

INRIX just launched our latest technological innovation that combines our massive 50 petabyte data lake of rich transportation information with the power of generative AI to provide powerful insights into transportation. Compass’ models are also trained with industry best practices (manuals/research/etc.) to prescribe recommendations to solve issues at their core.

This powerful technology will first be integrated into INRIX Mission Control, with integration across the rest of the INRIX IQ Suite to follow.

Why You’ll Love INRIX Compass:

Unlock the “What?”
Pinpoint Complex Traffic Issues Faster and Easier

Compass puts two decades of rich transportation data at your fingertips and can help you identify issues at lightning speed. By swiftly analyzing vast amounts of historical and real-time data, it can pinpoint traffic issues instantly, providing cities with unparalleled speed and precision in identifying complex traffic problems compared to traditional methods.


Reveal the “Why?”
Identify Root Causes of Traffic Congestion

Compass delves deep, transcending mere problem identification to uncover the underlying causes of traffic congestion. It offers a deeper understanding by correlating diverse events and data sets, paving the way for a smarter, more proactive approach to traffic management.


Navigate the “How?”
Data-Driven Recommendations for Proactive Management

Compass’s models have been trained on decades of transportation engineering, planning, and management manuals, as well as industry best practices to help you bridge the gap between data and solutions. This wealth of information forms Compass’s knowledge base allowing it to provide insights and recommendations deeply rooted in the collective wisdom of transportation experts.


Explore the “What If?”
Simulate and Test Hypothetical Scenarios

Imagine being able to test potential solutions in a virtual environment before implementing them. INRIX Compass brings this capability to your fingertips. By analyzing extensive historical data and employing advanced algorithms, it allows you to simulate changes and understand their potential impacts, ensuring informed decision-making for your transportation network.


INRIX Compass represents more than an advancement in technology; it’s a step towards a future where urban mobility is managed with unprecedented precision and foresight.

By tapping into years of data and employing sophisticated AI models, INRIX Compass doesn’t just tackle the symptoms of transportation woes; it gets to the root of the problem, ensuring our cities move towards a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future.

We’re not just imagining that world; we’re building it.

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