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More than 400,000 commercial vehicles rely on INRIX to lower fuel and crash costs, save time, and improve driver safety

INRIX provides solutions for fleet managers that increase efficiency and minimize the risk of their operations.

By comparing driver behavior to actual travel conditions at specified dates, times and locations, you can reduce fuel and liability costs as well as observe and manage changes in driving style depending on the driving environment.

You can also compare driving speed with the posted road speed for highway or city driving and relay incident information to drivers that could impact their routing.

Real-time data from freight vehicles

Since 2007, INRIX has sourced real-time data from freight vehicles as part of our overall mix. This provides us with data across all hours and days of the week, and in most cases, exclusively.

The value of this data versus other types of incoming data (e.g., mobile phone or connected car data) is both its geographic and temporal scale whereas consumer data tends to skew to peak periods and urban areas.

This truck data allowed us to be the first in the industry to provide real-time data across the nation’s interstate system 24×7, with the quality of this data proven by public, third party validations.

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