Drivewyze & INRIX Commercial Vehicle Safety Alerts

INRIX Data Empowers the Drivewyze System to Provide Truck Drivers with Real-Time Alerts of Abrupt Slowdowns Ahead

Give Truck Drivers More Time to React

Commercial Vehicle In-Cab Alerts Improve Road Safety for Everyone

Traffic congestion and insufficient stopping distance are major causes of large truck crashes. Integration of INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns data into Drivewyze’s proven road safety notification system enables accurate, proactive alerts to be pushed to drivers who are at risk of encountering a slowdown or queue. By leveraging two premier platforms to provide critical real-time safety information to commercial truck drivers, overall road safety can be improved.

Agencies Help Truck Drivers become Safer Drivers with the INRIX-Drivewyze Alerts Service

  • Alerts are Accurate, Proactive, and Always On

    Safety notifications that appear on in-cab devices make truck drivers aware of upcoming congestion 24-7-365. Alerts are triggered by real-time INRIX traffic data.

  • Reduced Speed Results in Fewer Crashes

    By warning drivers of congestion that is miles ahead, drivers of large vehicles which require more breaking time are given the crucial extra time they need to make important decisions and safely slow down. 

  • Enhanced Driver-Agency Connection

    Alerts are provided directly to drivers in-cab, and agencies are provided with direct messaging and safety broadcasts.

Heads-up, Hands-Free, Real-Time Alerts to Reduce Collisions

  • Real-time monitoring of the US nationwide road network
  • Detect and characterize congestion queues and dangerous slowdowns
  • Minute-to-minute updates that include changes to location and severity
  • Slowdown and congestion queues are identified by INRIX data, but agencies define the thresholds for the alerts
  • Drivewyze is integrated with most major electronic logging device (ELD) operators for ease of implementation
  • All trucks in the Drivewyze network that opt-in for safety messaging will receive the relevant alerts
  • The Drivewyze Connected Truck Platform is used by 2.5 million commercial vehicles, about 25% of all large trucks in the US

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