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INRIX Signal Analytics™ helps transportation professionals better manage systemwide traffic signal performance by working smarter, not harder.

The negative effects of a poorly timed traffic signal system can be frustrating for drivers, but also impacts urban congestion, pollution, and safety.

INRIX Signal Analytics is the first cloud-based application that uses big data from connected cars to help traffic professionals identify and understand unnecessary delay at signalized intersections areawide – no hardware or fieldwork required.

By transforming trillions of data points into easy-to-understand summaries, charts, and data visualizations, Signal Analytics will help you quickly answer almost any intersection and corridor-related question you might have systemwide.


*We are currently rolling out Signal Analytics, starting with the US, other Countries will follow.

Understand all travel time, delay, and count
metrics at any signalized intersection in a few clicks.

Continuously Monitor Every Movement in Your Network Without Investing in Equipment

Signal Analytics creates a virtual infrastructure by continuously collecting connected car data across the entire network and provides accurate metrics for every movement and every intersection at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based solutions.

Identify Performance Issues Without Ever Leaving Your Desk

By transforming trillions of data points into detailed and transparent metrics and trends, Signal Analytics helps agencies quickly answer almost any intersection- and corridor-related question to prioritize traffic signal projects and make meaningful improvements.

Take Proactive Actions Based on Deep Analysis and Reliable Performance Trends

Whether you need to reduce delays for just a few signals or improve performance throughout your entire network, Signal Analytics provides functional summaries, detailed daily reports, and data visualizations at the click of a button so you can immediately take action rather than waiting for residents to complain.

New Report from INRIX Research: Traffic Signals and Green Outcomes

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See how Signal Analytics transforms connected vehicle data into intersection intelligence

Signal Analytics is powered by billions of anonymous data points generated from connected vehicles which results in significant cost savings for agencies seeking traffic flow improvement.

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“We are using Signal Analytics to quantitatively verify the extent of existing issues and the degree of improvement/benefit once we make changes and adjustments.”
Lance Ballard, Traffic Engineer, Kimley-Horn

“Signal Analytics has allowed us to quantitatively verify issues and measure improvement after signal retiming, and in our evaluation resulted in 30% reduction in delay.”
Shaun Quayle, P.E., Senior Traffic Engineer at Washington County DLUT

Quickly Identify Performance Issues With Detailed Metrics


Arrival on Green


The percent of vehicles without a stop recorded at the intersection


Turning Movement


The number of observed vehicles making right turns, left turns, and through movements at the intersection for a chosen time period


Travel Time


The distribution of travel time for each movement at each intersection approach

Approach Speed

Approach Speed

The speed distribution of vehicles directly before the intersection



The extra time required at an intersection due to slowing attributed to the signal compared to measured free-flow speeds

Split Failures

Split Failures

The number of occurrences of a green light failing to meet vehicle volume demand, resulting in a vehicle stopping ​​​​​​more than once at a traffic light

Proactively Manage Signal and Corridor With Intuitive Tools


Get a Holistic View

Signal Analytics empowers everyone from traffic engineers to maintenance technicians to identify and solve performance issues faster, smarter, and safer – all without ever leaving their desks.


Prioritize Projects

Get a ranked, sortable measurement of intersection and corridor detail, performance trends, and high-importance notifications.


Visualize Performance Trends

Dig into the data with interactive tools and reports or just stay up to date on the latest trends across your light system with daily report summaries.


Daily Summary Reports

Customizable daily reports provide details on the subscribed intersections & corridors, highlighting key metrics, problems, and trends along with visual infographics.


Interactive Dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboard includes every metric needed to understand intersection performance, including control delay, split failures, turn ratio, volume, and more.


Advanced Analysis Tools

The Intersection Analysis Module of INRIX Signal Analytics powered by CATT Lab allows you to dig deeper with a custom inspection of an intersection.

Save Time and Money With Powerful Features

  • Easy-To-Use

    Signal Analytics is an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based application. No additional IT resources or data scientists are needed to gain insights.

  • Immediately Available Insights

    After signing up online, we flip a switch to turn on your subscribed intersections and corridors so you can start exploring the data instantly.

  • Fresh Data & Systemwide Coverage

    By leveraging the portion of INRIX data with sub 5 second GPS refresh we are able to provide fresh data on key metrics for virtually all intersections.

  • Intersection Analysis Module (Powered by CATT Lab)

    Dig deeper with a custom inspection of an intersection, such as running custom reports to determine periods when intersections are under performing or run before and after reports to determine if a problem was solved.

  • Corridor Metrics

    Understand and analyze the reliability and performance of defined corridors at various times of the day, and answer important questions such as: What times of day is the corridor underperforming? How did the corridor handle traffic as a result of a special event/work zone?

  • Virtual Infrastructure

    Massive amounts of anonymous vehicles data capture every movement for every intersection and enable granular insights without relying on expensive hardware or fieldwork.

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