Signal Analytics

Get Systemwide Signal Performance Measures In A Few Clicks

Are you a transportation professional struggling to improve traffic flow and unnecessary delays at intersections that is tired of having to install expensive hardware or conduct tedious fieldwork to pinpoint issues?

INRIX Signal Analytics empowers everyone from traffic engineers to maintenance technicians to identify and solve performance issues faster, smarter and safer – all without ever leaving their desks.

By utilizing anonymous data from connected vehicles, Signal Analytics eliminates the traditional cost and time expenditures for traffic signal improvement.

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“Every transportation agency in America now has the ability to monitor and manage the performance of their entire traffic signals system without hardware, top to bottom. Agencies can prioritize system enhancements, saving time and dollars while providing near-ground-truth accuracy for all performance measures.”

-Scott Sedlik | GM & SVP of Public Sector | INRIX

*We are currently rolling out Signal Analytics, starting with the US, other Countries will follow and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available in your region.