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Real Estate has always been about “location, location, location.” And, in the past people considered the miles between their home and frequented places when looking at new homes. However, what has become critically important about home location is minutes not miles.

Now, home owners want to know exactly how long a commute a home represents to and from work, daycare, shopping and the like.

INRIX Drive Time™ eliminates commute time guesswork for homebuyers. Instead of “driving the route to work” from every house on their list, your customers can quickly determine how long it takes to drive to and from different houses at different times of the day and on different days of the week.

A huge benefit to realtors

Showings take time. Using INRIX Drive Time™ helps focus searches on a smaller number of properties, shortening the sales cycle. Being able to point out the realities of real drive time before a client buys a home grants the realtor hero status. Appreciation translates into referrals.

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  • Drive Time Technology

    Cutting-edge data intelligence, predictive traffic technology and a best-in-class professional services team.

  • Helping Homebuyers

    Provides a visual means to find all homes for sale within a desired drive time to work and other important locations.

  • Helping Agents

    Helping agents find the right homes for buyers with accurate commute time information for every house on their list.

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