Helping You Provide the Ultimate Driving Experience
With Quality Content and Innovative Services

Transform The Driver Experience

Keeping Drivers Moving, Safe, and Happy

A full suite of services to assist automakers with creating their unique in-car experience for drivers.


Safety Alerts To
Keep Drivers Safe

Our Safety Alerts product suite alerts drivers when unsafe driving conditions are ahead like road weather and dangerous slowdowns.


Parking and Fuel
Details to Save Money

Our comprehensive off-street and on-street parking information helps drivers find the cheapest parking options and avoid getting parking tickets. Drivers can also find the cheapest gas using our dynamic fuel price service.


Innovative Services
To Save Time

We’ve launched numerous automotive industry firsts that help drivers conquer age old problems like finding available parking, picking the fastest lane to drive in, and outsmarting traffic before getting stuck.

A full suite of services to assist automakers with creating their unique in-car experience for drivers.

INRIX helps you connect drivers to more of the digital content and services they use every day outside of the car, using new technology and interaction models that enable drivers to do more, more safely while driving.

Our approach is modular, enabling you to select the software, tools and content you need to deliver and manage the unique experience you want for your brand.
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The first solution to give your drivers the content and experience they want when driving

  • In-car access to the apps and content drivers typically use outside of the car
  • The ability to easily and safely accomplish tasks like finding restaurants, ordering goods and communicating
  • Integrated contextual information to help make decisions while driving

The control you need to easily deliver and manage branded in-car experiences

  • Standardized content development to increase investment and volume of content from content providers
  • The ability to easily differentiate and customize the experience across models, brands and regions, leveraging one content development platform
  • Ownership of the complete experience, end-to-end and including control of privacy information

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