On-Demand Webinar: On-Street Parking Made Easy

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Learn how real-time parking information with Neusoft OneCoreGo navigation and INRIX OpenSpots can reduce the hassle of inner cities on-street parking for your customers

On average, each trip into a city requires 8-10 minutes to find on-street parking. This creates additional traffic and pollution, amounting to up to 41 hours per driver (the equivalent of 900 Euros) on average per year.

The new OpenSpots service from INRIX, now available in Neusoft’s OneCoreGo navigation, can greatly help reduce the search time, pollution, frustration, and cost associated with inner city parking. OpenSpots provides recommendations for potential parking spots within a certain radius of your location. It’s like having a friend in the car with you who can share local knowledge.

During this Webinar, we will show you how Neusoft OneCoreGo navigation with INRIX OpenSpots improves routing and guidance when you get close to your destination. You will automatically be taken to the best parking spot without user interaction, and once your car is parked OneCoreGo shows its true travel companion capabilities, changes from car to pedestrian mode to guide you to your final destination.

What you’ll learn:

  • How INRIX OpenSpots services supplies accurate and real-time parking information to the driver
  • How this service can be visualized using Neusoft’s OneCoreGo mobility platform as in-car and mobile device navigation 
  • How this service can be used on OpenStreetMap or any other mapDB


Speaker: Stefan Koch Speaker: Ingo Bruse Speaker: Andreas Propp
Stefan Koch
Director Business Development, Parking, INRIX Europe GmbH
Ingo Bruse
Director Market & Key Account Development, Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH
Andreas Propp
Technical Sales Manager, Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH


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