INRIX Road Rules

Helping Cities Manage the Evolving
Mobility Challenges of Today and Tomorrow


INRIX Road Rules is the first complete tool for cities to easily digitize, manage and communicate the rules of their roadways, curbs and sidewalks.

Advances in technology have fueled an explosion of new mobility options. 

Traditionally, cities and road authorities relied on signage to communicate with road users but today’s mobility technologies require digital communication as well.

Cities have been struggling to bridge the digital divide that’s required to ensure safe and efficient deployment of these new options — until now.

INRIX Road Rules is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that enables cities and road authorities to digitize and store all of their mobility information in a centralized location.

With Road Rules, cities can easily create a digital rulebook to ensure safe and efficient mobility.

A Simple Solution to Digitize Rules For Streets, Curbs, & Even Sidewalks!


Roadway Rules

Encourage safe AV deployment by digitizing roadway rules like stop signs, crosswalks, bike lanes, and more.



Curb Rules

Having a complete picture of current curb designations is essential to support smart mobility for all roadway users.



Sidewalk Assets

Add information like designated scooter/bike drop-zones to reduce sidewalk clutter and encourage new mobility options.


A one-stop-shop to digitize all your mobility data

INRIX Road Rules is the only transportation solution that helps cities digitally manage all of their mobility data in one place.

Whether it’s adding loading zones for rideshare and delivery drivers, bike/scooter drop-zones for pedestrians, or stop signs for autonomous vehicles, INRIX has you covered!

Intuitive platform allows you to digitize rules with a few clicks

You don’t have to be a GIS professional to digitize your transportation information – our easy to use interface makes it a breeze for any city employee to create a digital rules layer with a few clicks.

Open data format makes it easy to share

INRIX Road Rules also makes it easy to share data.

By leveraging SharedStreets open data specification, information can easily be combined and shared across platforms, companies, departments, and agencies.

Bridges the data gap to encourage innovation

Road Rules helps cities stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving transportation space by giving them a platform to share critical data with mobility providers, the public, and AV operators.

Having a digital record of mobility rules enables innovation across the board to make cities safer and more accessible for everyone.

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