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What's INRIX All About

  • Big Data

    There are "big data companies" and there are big data companies. The difference is the ability to productize and monetize that data into real products with huge impact. That's what INRIX does every day.

  • Getting Stuff Done

    Titles don't matter, it's all about getting it done. See something wrong? Well, speak up! We optimize around doing the right thing for our customers and the business, not reporting lines.

  • DevOps

    Every product team at INRIX owns their end-to-end destiny. You will build and maintain the products you work on. There is no throwing it over the fence for someone else to deal with.

  • Building New Products

    The bulk of work engineers at INRIX do is writing code for new products. At some companies, you may be the 100th person working on legacy code. At INRIX, we focus on building and improving amazing experiences every day for a huge breadth of customers.

  • Data Intelligence

    We're using machine learning to deliver personalized behavioral data to 250+ clients around the globe, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with big data. Concepts such as fault tolerant scale, amazing products, consumer focused UX, and global impact are just a small piece of what we do.

  • User Centered Design

    We build amazing experiences through information architecture, great UX across a breadth of screens and devices, and user testing across global markets. All of these experiences leverage our big data and machine learning, and are delivered with our in-house design team.

INRIX By the Numbers

2 hours

Average commute time saved by INRIX employees using our traffic app.


Number of grills we have for employee use at all times.


Number of countries with live INRIX services.


Average amount spent on food and drinks that stock the INRIX kitchens.


Worst day of the week for traffic.

60+ hours

Average amount of time a driver wastes annually in gridlock.

175 million

Number of cars, vehicles, and devices that INRIX collects data from.


Average amount INRIX spends on gas each summer to fuel the company boat.

Perks & Benefits

Perks & Benefits

Life at INRIX

Businesses Who Believe in Us

250+ Customers and Partners Around the World

  • INRIX and BMW partner to bring drivers intermodal navigation in the BMW i3 & i8.

  • INRIX is one of I-95 Corridor Coalition’s preferred providers.

  • Audi adds INRIX Park Service to Audi connect® services globally.

  • INRIX provides traffic reporting services to the BBC and other UK based stations.

  • INRIX powers navigation system, Ford SYNC.

  • Garmin utilizes INRIX real-time traffic data across the DAB.

  • INRIX Drive Time serves over 50,000 MLS and realtor sites across the US.

  • The Weather Company utilizes INRIX data to power their apps.

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