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Our New Location Intelligence Application

Get Location Based Insights For Any
U.S. Location in A Few Clicks

INRIX Location Analytics™ is a powerful new location intelligence application that makes it easy for professionals to make data-driven decisions to grow their business and maximize return on investment.

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On-Demand Webinar:

Intersection Performance Metrics, Corridor Analysis, & More

Join INRIX and The CATT Lab to learn about the latest Signal Analytics features available to help you improve traffic signal performance.

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The 2020 INRIX
Global Traffic Scorecard

INRIX identified and ranked congestion and mobility trends in more than 1,000 cities, across 50 countries amid a year where a global pandemic completely transformed mobility.

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Our data, insights and tools can help you shape the future of mobility.

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As smart mobility pioneers, we have the experience, expertise, and technical know-how to help you shape the future.

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From BMW to Burger King, Transport for London to IBM, there’s a reason why the world’s most trusted and innovative brands and cities turn to INRIX.

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From highways to intersections, we can help you make roadways safer and more efficient.




Use big data to make smarter decisions and enhance your offerings with location-based mobility services like traffic and parking.


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