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Solutions to Help You Manage the
Evolving Mobility Needs of Today and Tomorrow

Start Improving Urban Mobility

We are helping cities use big data to improve the movement of people and goods to become safer, happier, and greener.

Our cities and roadways are becoming more crowded and without action the problem will only get worse.

Faced with the prospect of global gridlock, the future of mobility will depend on big data and predictive analytics to outsmart traffic and optimize our cities and roadways.

We are bridging the gap between cities, big data, and smart mobility to help you build a better tomorrow.

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Mobility Intelligence To Make Cities Smarter, Safer, and More Efficient

As populations and cities expand, the future of mobility will depend on smarter solutions to keep the world moving.


Insights To Keep Your City Moving

Traffic, parking, trip, and signal analytics will help you keep your city flowing in perfect harmony.



Save Time & Money On Projects

Analysis that used to take months and cost millions can now be completed in hours with our easy-to-use tools.



Tools To Prepare For The Future

Our easy-to-use tools will help you digitize mobility rules to ensure safe deployment of autonomous vehicles, shared bikes/scooters, and other new mobility options.


Everything You Need To Become A Smart City of The Future

Improve operations, optimize urban mobility, measure project effectiveness, and plan the transportation networks needed for the future.

Safety View by GM Future Roads & INRIX

Transforming connected car data into actionable Vision Zero planning insights.

Safety View combines crash, vulnerable road user, demographic and vehicle data to help you visualize, analyze, and prioritize safety improvement projects.

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INRIX Signal Analytics™

Easily identify, rank and prioritize intersection signal projects to achieve maximum impact on traffic flow

INRIX Signal Analytics powered by CATT Lab utilizes anonymous data from connected vehicles, eliminating traditional cost and time expenditures for traffic signal improvement.

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INRIX Roadway Analytics™

Uncover Problem Areas Before They Become A Major Issue

INRIX Roadway Analytics powered by the CATT Lab utilizes anonymous data from connected vehicles to deliver on-demand traffic data, analytics and visualizations that can help you improve roadway performance and urban mobility..

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INRIX Trip Analytics™

Make better decisions by understanding the movement of people through accurate trip analysis

Trip Analytics powered by the CATT Lab provides aggregated insights into the trips and routes people take.

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