On-Demand Webinar: Intersections, Corridors, and More New Features in Signal Analytics

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Several exciting new feature updates are now available in INRIX Signal Analytics. Learn more in this webinar!

INRIX is helping transportation professionals better manage systemwide traffic signal performance by working smarter, not harder. Signal Analytics provides agencies with the insights they need to make the transportation network as efficient as possible at a fraction of the cost of traditional hardware solutions.

By transforming trillions of data points into easy-to-understand summaries, dashboards, reports, charts, and data visualizations, INRIX® Signal Analytics and CATT Lab’s RITIS Intersection Analytics helps answer almost any intersection-related question systemwide so everyone from traffic engineers to maintenance technicians can take proactive action and prioritize projects based on deep analysis and reliable performance trends.

This webinar presents an overview of the platforms, while introducing exciting new features including:

  • Corridor Metrics, now in Signal Analytics, provides agencies with the ability to also understand and analyze reliability and performance of defined corridors at various times of the day.
  • Self-Serve allows users to easily identify and select the intersections they would like to display within their subscription.
  • Threshold Filtering, now in RITIS Intersection Analytics, provides agencies with the ability to only view movements that meet a certain performance threshold.
  • Longitudinal Metrics, coming to RITIS Intersection Analytics, provides agencies with the ability to view the performance of an intersection or movement over time.


  • Steve Remias, Head of Product Strategy, Signal Analytics at INRIX
  • Greg Jordan, Assistant to the Director at CATT Lab
  • Ted Trepanier, Senior Director, Public Sector Sales at INRIX

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