INRIX Helps Financial Services

Financial Services

Location Based-Data, Tools, and Insights to Help You
Improve Investment Decisions and Minimize Risk

Start Making Smarter Investment Decisions

We are helping financial professionals unlock the power of location intelligence to understand the movement of goods and people.

Whether you’re a major financial institution, hedge fund, or just an average investor —- data is the backbone of your investment strategy.

As the world grows more unpredictable, traditional data sources alone are no longer sufficient to make sound investment decisions.

INRIX is empowering finance professionals with location-intelligence to make smarter investment decisions with confidence. By helping investors understand the movement of people and goods with location-based insights, INRIX provides the ground-truth needed to optimize portfolio allocations, better manage risk and uncover hidden market insights.

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New: INRIX Trips Plus with SafeGraph POI Data

Trips Plus combines connected passenger car and trucking data from INRIX with robust POI data from SafeGraph to help investment managers better predict earnings for both public and privately owned companies, identify trading opportunities, and generate alpha for their portfolio.


Diverse Data Types Provide
Comprehensive Insights

Our diverse collection of insights and data types related to the movement of goods and people can help you connect the dots between disparate data-sets to see the big picture.

Easily Visualize and Compare Trends to Avoid Risk and Maximize Investments

Our intuitive cloud based tools will help you slice and dice powerful location-based insights by market, time of day, day of week or vehicle class can help you uncover a wide variety of insights. Data can even be exported if users want to analyze the data in another analytics platform.

Fast, Fresh, and Trustworthy Insights

INRIX provides the most precise and actionable information to help you understand the movement of goods and people around the world.

Our diverse collection of insights can help you connect the dots between disparate datasets to see the big picture.

There’s a reason why the world’s most trusted and innovative organizations rely on INRIX insights.

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