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Transforming Mobility Worldwide By Connecting People, Vehicles, Cities, and Businesses.

Founded in 2004, INRIX pioneered the practice of managing traffic by analyzing data not just from road sensors, but also from vehicles. This breakthrough approach enabled INRIX to become one of the leading providers of data and insight into how people move around the world.

INRIX delivers innovative products for the automotive and transportation industries such as real-time parking and traffic information and solutions that facilitate the safe testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. We also provide new insights to a variety of other industries that can make better business decisions by understanding how people move throughout the day.

At INRIX, we see a world of possibilities enabled by making transportation more intelligent.

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There are "big data companies" and there are big data companies. The difference is the ability to productize and monetize that data into real products with huge impact. That's what INRIX does every day.

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