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INRIX Launches New Mission Control Application for Visibility into On-Road Conditions

  • INRIX Mission Control, an innovative transportation application in the INRIX IQ suite, analyzes and transforms vast amounts of data generated from hundreds of millions of connected devices into actionable insights.
  • Mission Control provides accurate, cost-efficient, and reliable insights across any size city.
  • Mission Control will integrate INRIX Compass to leverage the power of GenAI to help users understand causality and what measures can be taken to fix transportation problems.

November 27, 2023 – LAS VEGAS – Today, INRIX, Inc., a global leader in mobility data and analytics, launched INRIX IQ Mission Control, a ground-breaking, AI-powered transportation monitoring solution for operation centers that offers extensive visibility into on-road conditions. Leveraging INRIX’s data network of hundreds of millions of connected vehicles and devices, and its real-time roadway alerts, Mission Control is a significant advancement in transportation management operations – providing accurate, cost-efficient, and reliable traffic insights in and across any size city.

INRIX Mission Control analyzes and transforms vast amounts of data generated from connected vehicles and devices into actionable insights for users to improve traffic flow, enhance road safety, improve incident response, and plan more effectively for future transportation needs. The cloud-based solution provides detailed visibility into traffic and roadway conditions on every major road type, while supplementing and reducing costly physical infrastructure, like cameras or loop detectors. INRIX uses historical and real-time data, along with roadway alerts, to help predict travel demand and habits, in near real-time.

INRIX Mission Control will integrate the power of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) for even more profound benefits. INRIX Compass, INRIX’s new GenAI technology, adds an intuitive query interface that puts nearly 50 petabytes worth of rich transportation data at fingertips by simply asking questions. Compass will open the door for users to get answers to questions that were once beyond reach, thanks to the depth and breadth of data now available. Mission Control powered by Compass will accurately identify transportation issues, reveal causes, and offer unprecedented predictive insights.

“Agencies of all sizes can now leverage data-driven insights and AI to optimize traffic flow, enhance safety, and plan more effectively,” said Raine Bergstrom, chief product officer at INRIX, “Mission Control is crucial for agencies seeking intelligent transportation systems (ITS) capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional methods.”

Mission Control’s data-rich solution empowers transportation agencies with a level of visibility and insight into traffic conditions previously unattainable. Key features of Mission Control include:

  • Intuitive Interactive Visualizer: A user-friendly interface that presents traffic data in a map format, enabling easy navigation and interpretation of traffic conditions.
  • Real-Time & Historical Traffic Flow: The tool visualizes current traffic congestion levels using a heatmap, providing an immediate understanding of traffic density and movement patterns.
  • Customizable Filter Options: Traffic flow can by filtered by Level of Congestion, Speeds, or Relative to Free Flow Speed. Visualization can be further filtered by road type.
  • Real-Time Roadway Alerts: Pinpoint issues with layers for various types of incidents such as Dangerous Slowdowns, Construction, Road Closure, Events, Congestion, and Hazards.
  • Comprehensive Details: By clicking on specific road segments or alerts, users can access details such as Current Average Travel Time, Current Average Speed, Free Flow Speed, Historic Average Speed and Severity Level of congestion.
  • Global Coverage: The traffic data covers over 5 million miles of roads in 47 countries providing detailed information across a wide range of road types and classes to provide a broad picture of traffic conditions.

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