Trusted movement analytics when consumer location matters

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Using a wide breadth of dynamic data and innovative technology, INRIX delivers movement intelligence to help grow your business.

It’s hard to imagine a business or industry that isn’t impacted by how, when and where consumers move. Today, the data and analytics available are typically dated and labor-intensive and require hours of manual effort to evaluate; rendering decision-making costly and inaccurate.

INRIX Location Analytics enables retailers and site selection experts to better assess trade areas for candidate site locations without the need to physically visit each candidate location or conduct expensive studies. With INRIX Location Analytics, you can query customer trips over a specific geographical area in minutes and gain insight into who, what, when and where customers come from to quickly select the best location for your business.

Marketing Intelligence

Our movement related insight can also enhance your marketing efforts. INRIX Location Analytics enables you to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, including their impact on competitors. INRIX also lets you know the how many vehicles are driving along a particular section of road, by day of week and time of day – data that is invaluable for measuring and optimizing billboard campaigns.

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