On-Demand Webinar: INRIX and GM Demonstrate Safety View – a Cloud-based Analytics Application

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Safety View by INRIX and GM Future Roads is a cloud-based analytics application that brings together connected vehicle, road safety, and US census demographic data. Safety View is specifically designed to help planners and practitioners develop action plans and understand progress toward Vision Zero and other road and traffic safety related goals.

We’re excited to announce that the application is now available across the US! During this free webinar experts from INRIX and GM will demo the application, showcase key use cases, and highlight the premium and public data sets included in this new application.

What You’ll Learn

  • INRIX and GM Future Roads’ approach to road and traffic safety, and how they’re working together to leverage connected vehicle data towards the goal of zero road deaths
  • The many ways that Safety View can help you better understand what’s happening on the roadways
  • How to pinpoint key road segments with the Risk Analyzer
  • How the Data Explorer function can be used to scan a network for particular areas where specific factors are at pla
  • How Safety View is ready to assist in the development of Comprehensive Safety Action Plans and other road and traffic safety related planning



Speaker: Avery Ash Speaker: Shawn Granda Speaker: Nadia Anderson
Avery Ash
Head of Global Public Policy and Safety Products, INRIX
Shawn Granda
Head of Product, Future Roads
and Smart City Incubation, GM
Nadia Anderson Ph.D.
Director of Federal Affairs, INRIX

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