INRIX Signals Scorecard Webinar

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The INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard 2022 Annual Summary

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The new INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard establishes a post-pandemic baseline for nationwide traffic signal demand and performance. Join us as we unpack the latest findings from the 2022 Annual Summary.

Watch this webinar to discover the latest findings from our new INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard 2022 Annual Summary which analyzed traffic signal demand and performance nationwide using probe data from connected vehicles.

This edition of the INRIX U.S. Signals Scorecard builds upon previous editions and provides the most comprehensive summary to date, based upon four weeks of data collection, each in a different quarter of 2022.

What You’ll Learn

  • How the U.S. Signals Scorecard was created
  • Results for the demand, performance and impact of delay for the 240,000+ signals analyzed
  • How to navigate the Scorecard website to extract state, region, and county results
  • How to request more information if you manage, operate or maintain a signal system


  • Rick Schuman, Senior Fellow
  • Steve Remias, Head of Product Strategy, Signal Analytics
  • Q&A session will be lead by Shaun Quayle, Senior Traffic Signals & Safety Engineer

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