On-Demand Webinar: SS4A Recipients Have Been Announced: What Comes Next?

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SS4A Awards Webinar 2023

The first round of SS4A Grants winners were just announced but what comes next? Watch this free webinar to find out!

Join experts from INRIX and GM Future Roads to learn what’s next for the SS4A Grant program in 2023.

We’ll also discuss how agencies can implement data-driven strategies using safety analytics software like Safety View by GM Future Roads & INRIX to help maximize your improvement funds and achieve your Vision Zero goals more efficiently.

SS4A Awards Webinar 2023 Safety View

What You’ll Learn

  • What’s next for the SS4A grant program in 2023 whether you were awarded a grant, or didn’t even apply
  • Examples of how safety analytics software can monitor the progress of Vision Zero projects and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions
  • How safety analytics technology can help target safety and infrastructure investments more strategically



SS4A Awards Webinar 2023 Speaker: Avery Ash SS4A Awards Webinar 2023 Speaker: Shawn Granda
Avery Ash
Head of Global Public Policy and Safety Products, INRIX
Shawn Granda
Head of Product, Future Roads
and Smart City Incubation, GM