On-Demand Webinar: Pinpointing Traffic Signals That Are Needlessly Warming the Earth and Driving People Crazy

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Learn how agencies can make an immediate impact on environmental and network performance goals by leveraging vehicle probe data solutions

Excessive travel delays result in increased greenhouse gas emission. This has been compounded over the past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting traffic patterns across the United States. Dynamic changes in traffic volumes signify a departure from the typical AM/PM peak time model, leaving transportation planners wondering what can be done to accommodate these shifts.

Using INRIX IQ Signal Analytics, we conducted a year-over-year study across a sample of 3000 signals beginning in February of 2020—one month before the nation-wide quarantine began. Details include analysis of over 50 million vehicle crossings.

This free webinar explores our findings, how signal optimization can create immediate impacts on climate, and how you can leverage technology quickly to ensure signal timing plans are up to date.

What You’ll Learn
– How transportation patterns have evolved from the beginning of the pandemic through February of 2021
– The “green” potential of traffic signal optimization
– How Signal Analytics can produce fast, actionable insights into your road network

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