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INRIX Signal Analytics – A Review of 2022

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Experts Discuss Adaptive Signal Systems and the Benefits Signal Performance Measures Can Have Before, During, and After Implementation

Sit down with experts from INRIX as they review Signal Analytics and its evolution in 2022. This webinar will cover an overview of the Signal Analytics platform, a summary of the new features and tools that have been introduced, and a few of our favorite use cases from the year. This easy-to-use cloud-based application uses big data from connected cars to continuously monitor every movement in the network and help traffic engineers make data driven decisions without the need for additional costly equipment or time-consuming fieldwork. After signing up, transportation agencies instantly get access to the insights they need to identify performance issues for the intersections and corridors they have subscribed to, without ever having to leave their desks.

The list of use cases for the Signal Analytics application continues to grow, but the five primary use cases for transportation professionals include:

  • Scanning the entire traffic signal network and prioritize intersections for further investigation
  • Identify intersections where performance has degraded
  • Discover, deploy, and measure small iterative changes to signal timings
  • Perform systematic before and after studies
  • Verify the results of traffic modeling or simulation software

What You’ll Learn

      • An overview of the Signal Analytics tool
      • A summary of the new functions and features added in 2022
      • A variety of Signal Analytics use cases


Steve Remias
Head of Product Strategy, Signal Analytics at INRIX
Shaun Quayle
Senior Traffic Signal & Safety Engineer at INRIX
Ted Trepanier
Senior Director, Public Sector Sales at INRIX

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