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Examining the Effectiveness of School Traffic Safety Measures in Washington D.C.

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Webinar Examines Effectiveness of Safety Measures on School Zone Road Safety in Washington D.C.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law directed unprecedented levels of funding to Safe Routes to School and other safety programs.

In recent years, Washington, D.C. officials have continued to prioritize safety around schools by lowering speed limits, increasing crossing guards and improving enforcement.

Using Safety View, INRIX Research analyzed crash, volume, speed and demographic data within a quarter-mile of schools to compare key safety metrics.

In this webinar, experts from INRIX detail how we leverage tools and data sets available in Safety View to analyze the effectiveness of safety measures near school zones at the locations studied.

What You’ll Learn:

  • School Zone designation impact on speeding, crash rates, injury severity, crash type and more.
  • The impact of traffic signs or school zone “types” on speeding.
  • Specific case studies on potentially problematic streets near schools
  • Geographic and Demographic information around vehicular traffic and road safety
  • How data available in Safety View can help transportation agencies understand road safety and the efficacy of safety measures.


Speaker: Avery Ash Speaker: Bob Pishue
Avery Ash
Head of Global Public Policy
Bob Pishue
Transportation Analyst

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