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The Future of Navigation

OSM NDS Maps Combined with Real Time Services

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Experts from Neusoft and INRIX discuss the merits of agnostic data sources in future applications of mobility intelligence solutions.

Neusoft and INRIX Joint Webinar

Vehicle navigation systems typically come with integrated traffic information, providing users with accurate travel times and a general understanding of the live situation on the streets. Many applications use proprietary map and traffic data, which creates challenges for cost management and data recency.

By contrast, INRIX and its partner Neusoft utilize independently sourced map data from OpenStreetMap (OSM). Neusoft has digitally processed the global OSM data into the industry leading NDS format; the solution is usable worldwide and in any navigation system compliant to this standard. Even the INRIX services are available without restriction, which makes the decisive difference. This means that the user benefits from constantly updated information and cost savings.

What you’ll learn:

  • How INRIX traffic referencing on OSM will lead to extended coverage
  • How this service can provide better ETA using Neusoft’s OneCoreGo Mobility platform
  • How this service can lead to cost savings by using OpenStreetMap
  • How users can experience even more INRIX services


Speaker: Ingo Bruse Speaker: Andreas Propp Speaker: Timo Minderlein
Ingo Bruse
Director Market & Key Account Development, Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH
Andreas Propp
Technical Sales Manager, Neusoft Technology Solutions GmbH
Timo Minderlein
Head of Sales Engineering, Automotive INRIX Europe GmbH


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