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INRIX Signal Analytics Now Available Across the UK to Measure, Visualise and Improve Traffic Signal Performance Networkwide

  • Transport for Greater Manchester, and Kent and Hertfordshire Local Highways Authorities are the first to adopt Signal Analytics in the UK
  • Provides traffic signal control delay, turn movements, observed vehicle counts, and other key metrics from high frequency GPS-based floating vehicle data (FCD) at every signalized junction across the UK
  • Customisable weekly reports deliver performance overviews networkwide, highlighting problems and trends for junctions and corridors across a road network
  • Increases cost effectiveness compared to installing traditional system sensors

MANCHESTER, United Kingdom – March 15, 2023 – Today, INRIX UK, a leader in connected car services and transportation analytics, announced INRIX® IQ Signal Analytics is now available in the United Kingdom to understand traffic signal and corridor performance easier, faster and cheaper than installing traditional monitoring infrastructure at a junction. Signal Analytics delivers junction and corridor analytics in an easy to use yet powerful cloud-based platform designed for all levels of traffic professionals – management, engineering, operations and maintenance.

INRIX Signal Analytics has already been adopted by Transport for Greater Manchester, and Kent and Hertfordshire Local Highways Authorities in the UK, as well as public sector agencies in Germany and United States.

The Transport for Greater Manchester team currently using Signal Analytics said, “The way we use our roads is changing. As part of the DfT’s Traffic Signals Maintenance Scheme fund, TfGM on behalf of Manchester City Council (MCC) are looking to improve traffic signal junction efficiency whilst also providing pedestrian priority. As part of this programme of works, TfGM are exploring how Signal Analytics can assist with monitoring and evaluation of the junction upgrades.

It is intended that the tool is to be used more widely for monitoring the network performance and identifying changes in driver behaviour. TfGM are keen to discover the potential of Signal Analytics as an approach to maximise the benefits of data and connectivity to align with future connected services.”

As the industry’s first junction analytics platform based exclusively on anonymous connected vehicle data, Signal Analytics calculates industry-defined metrics including control delay, turn movements and observed vehicle counts in a more cost-effective way than traditional methods. Networkwide metrics are reported weekly and presented in an intuitive, web-based application available through INRIX IQ, a SaaS application suite for uncovering mobility insights.

Signal Analytics uses hundreds of millions of anonymous trips per day in the UK to deliver granular insights on signal-controlled junctions. With high accuracy vehicle data continually collected, it delivers key metrics necessary to fully understand junction and corridor performance.

“A Small Business Research Initiative project overseen by Department for Transport tested the viability of using FCD for such a service. Signal Analytics leverages this high quality data to provide a transformational approach for understanding signal performance via a robust set of visualisations and analytics tools that transforms complex data into easily understood metrics,” said Dominic Paulo, Director at INRIX. “Signal Analytics will further enable road authorities across the UK to fully understand signal performance, saving time, money, and help to further improve the environment.”

Reducing excessive delays and optimising signal timings at junctions has a direct and immediate benefit of reducing carbon emissions from unnecessary idling. INRIX calculated a 10-second reduction in every registered vehicle’s delay at signals daily would translate into 130,000 fewer metric tons of CO2 emitted annually.

To access INRIX IQ Signal Analytics in the UK, sign up here. To learn more, register for our upcoming webinar showcasing INRIX IQ Signal Analytics on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.


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