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Washington County Uses Signal Analytics to Produce Immediate Congestion Relief

The Challenge:

In Washington County, Oregon, a problem was emerging along the 65th Avenue corridor off of Interstate 5 – major traffic congestion in the evening hours near Meridian Park Hospital. The issue had managed to avoid the notice of traffic engineers for Washington County, despite having observed the corridor through installed traffic cameras, but public feedback eventually tipped the agency off.


Washington County used INRIX Signal Analytics to corroborate the feedback from the public regarding the 65th Avenue corridor, and they conducted a thorough performance analysis of the intersections using probe vehicle data, which inspired an immediate signal retiming project.


Once the changes were implemented, Washington County observed a significant drop in control delay and split failure counts along the 65th Avenue corridor. Signal Analytics has helped the agency continue to identify issues across its network and address problems before they become major sources of public frustration.

Washington County Case Study

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