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INRIX Launches New Page & Insights To Monitor COVID-19 Transportation Trends

Providing Access to Daily Movement Trends Anywhere in the US by Zip, Metro and State

Today, INRIX launched a new interactive website that uses INRIX Trip Trends to help people, cities, and businesses monitor COVID-19’s impact on transportation.

We will also be posting all of our COVID-19 related research, news, blog posts, and related products on this page to help you track what’s happening.


We have re-purposed our INRIX Trips metadata to generate relevant summary-level information about traffic demand and are providing free summaries of this data on our newCOVID-19 Trends website.

Click below If you’re interested in accessing more detailed insights using INRIX Trip Trends.

>> Access INRIX Trip Trends

>> Visit New COVID-19 Trends Website

>> Download New Impact of COVID-19 on Freight Report

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