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INRIX Launches Location Analytics to Help Streamline Site Selection and Understand Buyer Behavior

New SaaS application surfaces location-based insights to maximize business growth and return on investment

KIRKLAND, Wash. – July 28, 2021 –  INRIX, Inc., a leader in mobility analytics, today announced INRIX IQ Location Analytics, a powerful new cloud-based LBS application that provides retailers, investors, and other business professionals the insights to open new stores, increase revenue, and maximize return on investment.

When selecting a new location, businesses need to understand who their customers are, where they came from, how they got there, and where they’re going next. Companies that want to build a data-driven business often face a variety of challenges, such as the complexity of analyzing disparate sources, maintaining quality, and the expertise needed to convert information into valuable insights.

Location Analytics combines a variety of mobility, demographic, behavioral, and location-based datasets in an easy to use, on-demand solution that empowers businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. By connecting the dots between people, vehicles, roads, cities, and businesses, Location Analytics provides insights into the movement of people and goods to, from, and around locations – delivered in minutes or hours, not days or months. Location Analytics is immediately available as an intuitive, web-based application through INRIX IQ, a SaaS application suite for uncovering mobility insights.

“For more than a decade, customers have utilized the uniqueness of INRIX data to understand how and where people move, using it as a key ingredient to make informed decisions,” said Bryan Mistele, CEO, INRIX. “Leveraging this same world-class information, Location Analytics allows businesses to confidently and accurately uncover key insights without needing a PhD in data science.”

Key Benefits of INRIX IQ Location Analytics:

  • Find and Compare the Locations that Matter Most – Whether looking for a new business location or interested in learning about activity for specific businesses, Location Analytics quickly finds relevant points of interest and allows users to easily compare them.
  • Comprehensive Mobility Insights for Any Location – Making smart business decisions requires access to the right information. Location Analytics eliminates the guesswork by providing in-depth insights for the locations, evaluating each of their key metrics, and automatically surfacing insights.
  • Save Time and Boost Efficiency with Easy Integration – Utilizing different platforms for viewing disparate data sets can be time consuming and increases the risk of errors. Location Analytics makes it easy to produce deep, actionable insights.
  • Focus on Your Business, not on Technology – Getting data-driven results isn’t always quick or affordable. Location Analytics is a fully hosted solution that removes the need to manage sources, software, and IT infrastructure, turning the focus and resources back to making the business successful.

Location Analytics helps business professionals solve a wide variety of use cases where access to fresh, accurate mobility data is critical to making informed decisions. For example, it helps brick and mortar businesses to easily search for locations, compare them, and select new sites based on customer demographics and behavior. Financial services companies can analyze business activity at and around individual locations to help inform investment decisions. This intuitive application provides answers in a few clicks. The information can also be exported to perform deep-level, custom analysis for use with in-house platforms.

To show the breadth and depth of Location Analytics, INRIX Research set out to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on retail businesses. Every retail sector was drastically affected – either upward growth or plummeting foot traffic. Download “Mall Resurgence Proves Brick and Mortar Still Alive Despite Pandemic” study here to learn more.

As a leader in mobility data and location intelligence for more than 15 years and a trusted partner for a majority of the site selection industry, INRIX helps world class organizations make calculated decisions every day based on a deep understanding of the world around them. Location Analytics brings together those same high-quality insights and visualizations available into a self-serve cloud platform.

To give INRIX IQ Location Analytics a try, sign up for a free trial at


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INRIX is a leader in mobility insights for making data-driven decisions. We help cities and businesses identify and solve transportation problems, making the world safer, happier and greener. Our partners are automakers, governments, retailers, fleets and dozens of other industries that can benefit from understanding how people and vehicles move. Learn more at

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