Report: Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

Analyzing the Loading Zone Supply Crunch in 20 US Cities

New research examines the disparity of curb space available for delivery companies who rely on this high-demand resource.

INRIX Research analyzed loading zone parking supply in major US cities to understand how challenging the “last-mile” might be for delivery services.

For businesses tasked with delivering food, packages, or even passengers, the final leg of the journey—often referred to as the last-mile—presents some of the most significant challenges. Over the past five years, the demand for delivery services has skyrocketed, transforming urban curb spaces into hot commodities and further complicating the last-mile for these companies.

To understand how much the demand for loading zones outstrips supply, we analyzed data from INRIX Parking to calculate the percentage of curb space dedicated to delivery services in 20 major US Cities.

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What You’ll Learn:

> Loading zone capacity by city, for 20 major US cities.

> How cities like New York are tackling this challenge.

> The impact of limited parking supply on fuel costs, emissions, and customer satisfaction.

> How smart parking solutions can be used to delivery services to streamline the last-mile and make finding a parking spot frictionless.

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