In an age where every second and mile counts, ensuring deliveries arrive on-time is not just a service – it’s an expectation that directly translates to happier customers and a healthier bottom line. Find out how the new INRIX Smart Delivery Suite is empowering businesses to address this challenge head on. 

The Era of Instant Gratification: A Challenge and an Opportunity 

In today’s increasingly mobile-first world, meeting consumer requirements for timely delivery and pick up is no longer a luxury; it’s an expectation. This urgent demand puts businesses in the hot seat, challenging them to deliver on time, every time- whether it’s a pizza, a person or a package. 

The fast pace of today’s world doesn’t just demand speed; it demands precision and reliability. While ensuring deliveries arrive on time can be a complex promise to deliver on, its a massive opportunity to build customer loyalty for those who can capitalize on it efficiently.  

Introducing INRIX Smart Delivery Suite 

To help companies address this challenge, we just launched the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite. This groundbreaking suite of solutions is designed to help businesses effortlessly outsmart traffic, optimize delivery schedules, and provide spot-on ETAs to keep customers delighted. Whether you’re a rideshare company or last-mile delivery service, the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure your deliveries aren’t just on time—but also optimized, safe, and reliable from start to finish. 

“At INRIX, we understand the critical importance of timely and efficient deliveries in today’s fast-paced world. By creating the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite, we are empowering delivery and mobility companies with advanced, map-agnostic tools that blend seamlessly into their existing systems. Our suite ensures that every delivery is a journey of precision and safety, tailored to the unique needs of our clients, to keep businesses moving forward, unhindered by traffic, and perfectly in sync with their customers’ expectations” 

– Mike Cottle | SVP of Enterprise & Automotive Sales | INRIX 

3 Ways the Smart Delivery Suite Can Help: 

 1) Optimize Deliveries 

  • Transform real-time, predictive, and historical traffic data into actionable insights. 
  • Evade congestion, bypass road closures, and ensure promptness. 
  • Boost efficiency and save on fuel, time, and expenses. 

2) Improve Driver Safety 

  • Equip drivers with proactive alerts ensuring safety. 
  • Real-time updates on roadway conditions and hazards. 
  • Compliance checks on road closures and restrictions for seamless navigation. 

3) A Complete Solution 

  • Comprehensive data and intuitive solutions at your fingertips. 
  • Enhance every logistical stage, from planning to delivery. 
  • Keep customers happy and your bottom line healthier. 

Why Businesses are Using the Smart Delivery Suite: 

With the Smart Delivery Suite, businesses can transform their delivery operations to be more optimized, safe, and reliable. This all-in-one suite provides high quality data/services that can be used to help outsmart traffic, optimize delivery schedules, and stay safe on the road. 

  • Routing Engine & More Accurate ETAs: Our routing engine employs a forward-looking algorithm to analyze current traffic and predict its changes during a journey, integrating real-time, historical, and predictive data, along with road closures and incidents, for the most informed route planning. 
  • Comprehensive Traffic Info: From highways to side-streets, our traffic data covers over 5 million miles across 47 countries. 
  • High Quality Incidents Data: Using more than 500 data sources, our we provide the most comprehensive and accurate dataset  
  • of anomalous roadway conditions about congestion, crashes, and construction on the road. 
  • Real-Time Roadway Alerts: Based on real-time data from vehicles on the road, proactive location-based notifications warn drivers of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic on the roadway ahead. 
  • Enhanced Parking Insights: Our parking data extends beyond static details about parking lots and garages, offering comprehensive information on on-street options, including loading zones and predictive availability. This empowers drivers to efficiently locate legal parking in busy urban areas, ensuring convenience and compliance. 
  • Map Agonostic Solution: Our map agnostic APIs make us the preferred choice if using OSM or custom map/routing solutions. 

What Businesses Can Benefit Most from the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite: 

In a market where companies often choose between building solutions themselves or opting for integrated platforms, the INRIX Smart Delivery Suite stands out by offering map agnostic APIs, as well as unique safety-focused solutions that make us the preferred choice for any company tasked with delivering a package, a person, or a pizza – particularly if they are using OSM or custom map and routing solutions.   

Package Delivery Services 

The suite offers insights for scheduling, route optimization, and real-time alerts to notify drivers who are at risk of encountering a dangerous slowdown or queue. 

Rideshare Services 

INRIX Smart Delivery Suite empowers rideshare apps with mobility intelligence to optimize fleet distribution, enhancing passenger safety, and improving overall service efficiency.  

Food Delivery Services
INRIX is helping over 20% of the food delivery industry optimize deliveries to make sure their customers stay happy and don’t go hungry with accurate ETAs. 

The Road Ahead: Every Delivery, Every Time, Right on Schedule 

The INRIX Smart Delivery Suite is more than just a set of APIs; it’s a comprehensive suite of solutions built to reshape how deliveries are managed for businesses where every second counts. The suite’s capabilities extend beyond timely deliveries; they encompass safety, reliability, and resource utilization. It’s time to elevate your delivery services with INRIX. 

 Ready to Transform Your Delivery Operations? 

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