Report: Holiday Shopping Update

Learn How Consumer Behavior Has Changed Since the Onset of COVID-19

Data insights reveal how in-person holiday shopping has changed since pre-pandemic norms

In July of 2021, INRIX released a report that examined the pandemic’s impact on brick-and-mortar retail across the United States. Using INRIX Location Analytics and INRIX Trip Data, it was included that, while in-person visits to retail locations had declined as a result of COVID-19, they were on an upward trajectory toward recovery.

This new report from INRIX examines the holiday shopping trends of 2021 compared to those of 2020—the first holiday season of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As consumers adopt new norms resulting from pandemic-related challenges, location intelligence will be a key driver of success for retailers across the United States. Download the full report by filling out the form!

What You’ll Learn:
      • • Year-over-year comparison of in-person holiday shopping trips from major US cities: Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York
    • • Deeper analysis into the timing of consumer behavior, including how early holiday shopping began and how it tapered off during Omicron
  • • The role of external factors on consumer behavior, such as new COVID-19 variants, supply chain lapses, e-commerce, and others



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